No one wants to live with rats and mice. When homes and businesses have a problem of this nature, rodent control becomes critical. Not only are these pests unpleasant to have around, they can also pose a real health threat to those exposed to them. For those who live in and around Orange County, California, Wheelers Pest Control can handle this problem and they do so in a clean, efficient manner, following the Center for Disease Control guidelines.

When it comes to rodent control, mice and rats are some of the most damaging creatures that can invade a home or business. Not only do they consume food that they find, but they also contaminant other food when they leave their droppings or urine, which they are very prone to do. In addition, mice and rats can carry a variety of vermin on them such as lice, mites, and fleas. When these carried pests enter the home or business, they cause even more problems which must be handled by the property owner. As you can see, rodent control is crucial for a safe living and work environment.

It has been estimated that more than 50,000 fires are started each year by rats biting through electrical wiring. And this number is actually considered to be very conservative. The true number is probably much higher. The proper rodent control procedures can prevent this from happening to your property.

One issue that many people do not realize is that rats and mice can be prolific when they begin to breed, which is a common occurrence once they find a nice home or business to settle into. Their numbers can literally skyrocket in no time at all, thus compounding the property owner's problems. Some experts estimate that mice and rats can increase their numbers 20-30 fold in just a very few months.

An issue that many property owners may not understand is that rodent control, when done improperly, can be expensive and time consuming and may, in the end, fail. This is why many people choose to work with professionals who have the expertise and the experience in this field to handle the problem for them.

Wheeler's Pest Control has the type of rat-mouse-extermination experience that you need in order to solve your rodent control problems. There are several varieties of rats and mice living in Orange County and in and around the Los Angeles area. Knowing which type of animal you are dealing with is important in getting rid of them.

It is also important to know how to spot a rat infestation. Generally, rats and mice often leave behind droppings which are fairly easy to identify. They also alert owners to their presence when food stuffs have been nibbled into. When owners see these types of evidences in their home or business, it is time for professional rodent control before their numbers become greater and the problem becomes harder to handle. Again, Wheeler Pest Control has the expertise and experience to handle rodent control problems fast and efficiently. If you need help with rats or mice, give them a call and see if they handle your problem.

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Wheeler Pest Control has been helping Orange County resident with their rodent control problems for years. Professional and reliable service is available for all pest and rodent control problems, residential and commercial.