Intense energies are upon us again as the Autumn Equinox is beginning tonight. The Equinox brings with it the start of another powerful eclipse season. Our planet Pluto is playing an usually big part of this intensity this round and we will be experiencing its influence, no doubt.

So, what does this mean for us sensitives who feel the affects of these shifts and changes? It means much more of the same cleansing and releasing that we have already been experiencing. It means we are starting to integrate the new energies we have accumulated and absorbed over the past summer months that have brought forth massive expansion in our energy fields.

You do realize this right? You realize how much you have expanded and grown, opening to the array of possibilities that life presents to you at every moment? Have you noticed your creations and all of the thoughts you first had that set creative the forces into motion? Yes, you are a powerful creator!

Awareness of the creation process helps to accelerate and amplify the process. Once you become aware of yourself as the creator of your experiences (whether they are what you want or what you do not want) you can then start to choose what you would like to create.

You can start small by recognizing how the process works in smaller ways. You created everything you did last week from what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to where you went and who you spent your time with. Did you not first imagine and visualize what you were going to eat for dinner, then get the proper groceries, prepare the recipe the way you wanted and finally get to eat that which you envisioned? Or maybe you chose a fast-food joint and the process was much shorter and quicker, but nonetheless, still a creative process.

Two weeks ago I got introduced to a dog rescue agency and decided I wanted to begin fostering rescued dogs. Yesterday I picked up our family's first foster dog and my creation is sitting right under my feet as I type. I created this experience by first imagining, then visualizing, then following my resonant feelings and then finally taking the appropriate actions toward allowing my creation to manifest into physical form. That is how every single manifestation occurs, from creating a menu to creating a million dollars!

Once this pattern is fully recognized and trusted, then you can begin to create a life more aligned to your unique expression in the world. Tapping into your power allows you to take control of your own life instead of allowing life to take control of you. We each incarnated into this world to experience the physical and to leave an energetic imprint of our own personal chosen expression. What are you choosing? Is it in alignment with your divine truth?

With the onset of the Autumn Equinox and the following two October eclipses, you may notice an intensity in relationships as people increasingly speak their truths to one another. One may trigger another and issues will rise quickly to the surface to be released and/or healed.

You may also feel intense emotions within yourself as suppressed emotions rise up for recognition and long awaited expression. Let them pass through you and do not feel the need to fully comprehend or categorize.

Allow things that no longer serve you to continue to fall away. Old patterns will be challenged as we discover new ways of thinking and acting that allow for greater alignment with our divine truth.

Even if you do not see clearly the collective, evolutionary changes that are occurring, by staying present with yourself and your sphere of influence you can alter consciousness and hence, the collective consciousness of the world.

Your dormant power is emerging my friends! By honoring yourself, your emotions, your desires and your uniqueness, you will align more fully to the truth of your being and experience greater fulfillment in your physical expression of life here on Earth.

Author's Bio: 

Dena Blevins is CEO of Elevate Your Vibration. She is a spiritual coach and teacher, energy healer, author, yogi, wife and mother of two. Dena helps to raise the vibe of all her clients and thus the vibe of the collective consciousness.