The learning management system or web based training system works at the enterprise level, which streamlines the learning into the traditional training process of the organization. It is a potent tool that not only helps in learning but also automates the entire learning process by transforming the manual evaluation system into a web-based system. The system automatically schedules, plans and generates the training report.

In this system, the user can access the training material from his smart-phone, personal computer and tablet. Thus, the process is no longer time bound and the final output is much better as compared to the traditional training method. A lot of small firms, which earlier hesitated to adopt the learning management system due to cost, have now, availed the software as a service. By opting for SaaS, organizations can leave the burden of maintenance and update of the software to the service provider.

Apart from LMS being flexible, there are several other benefits associated with it. The training material is industry specific and has been developed after thorough analysis of the organization's operations. Moreover, the availability of training module in different languages has enhanced its reach. Tools like audio localization, rapid authoring has made web LMS more impactful. The training module can be modified as per the changing market scenario and can be easily merged into the on-going process. For certain specific spheres, instructor lead learning is important and e-learning service providers understand that. Therefore, through the medium of virtual classroom and audio-visuals & multimedia, the learners can have face-to-face interaction with the instructor.

There are many mediums through which the learning material is delivered to the organizations. At present, one of the most popular mediums using which, the learner accesses the training material is mobile. Seeing its fame in the market, the organizations are developing more and more mobile-based training modules. One can also access the training material from the social networking site, which helps in socializing and learning at the same time. The learner can choose the desired training module from the given set of catalogs and share it with others. E learning management system is thus proving to be revolutionary for both big and small organizations.

To save on the training related costs, organizations can outsource their training requirement to an off shoring company. There are some of the things one must inquire about the off shoring firm. The organizations must ensure that the infrastructure of the off shoring company is well developed. Additionally, content security is also an important matter one must consider before outsourcing. The organizations must also check if the outsourcing company has expertise in the upcoming technology. By outsourcing the content to a dedicated off shoring company, the organizations will be able to reduce 20-40 percent of the cost associated with the training process.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management.His expertise includes Learning management system, e learning management system and other Learning & Development matters.