From peanut butter to chocolate syrup, we all love to eat confectionary food items. In fact, for most of us, our diet consists of a considerable amount of sugar. Sugar is present in every food product but in different quantities. Considering the kind of lifestyle lead by most people these days, the majority of them love to have processed snacks and meals. These products are known to contain extra added sugar. This, as a result, increases our daily calorie intake. But according to dietary guidelines, it is advised that one should limit the consumption of sugar to less than 10% per day. This is because excessive sugar intake is known to cause a lot of health problems. In other words, too much sugar is not good for our health. Starting from obesity to chronic diseases, sugar is the cause of many such health problems. We have listed a few of the biggest reasons why too much sugar is considered to be bad for your health.

Bad Health Effects Of Sugar

It may be hard for people with a sweet tooth to ditch the sugar and other sugar-containing products. But one needs to realize that excessive sugar is bad for health. Here are some of the main health problems that are caused by an excessive intake of sugar.
1.It leads to weight gain: Majority of the population is suffering from the problem of obesity. From adults to kids, no one is spared from this rising problem. One of the main culprits for the cause of obesity is sugar-sweetened beverages. Drinks like sweet teas, shakes, sodas,and juices are loaded with fructose which is a type of simple sugar. Consuming too much fructose increases your craving for food and makes you hungry. That’s because it increases resistance to leptin, a hormone which regulates your hunger. In addition, consuming too much of sugar-sweetened beverages also increases visceral fat which is a kind of belly fat. It is linked with conditions like heart diseases and diabetes.

2.It increases the risk of heart diseases: Sugar rich diets are also associated with several heart diseases as well. Consuming too much sugar on a daily basis can increase your chances of developing some kind of heart disease. High sugar containing diets leads to inflammation, obesity and high triglyceride, blood pressure levels,and blood sugar. All of these are potential risk factors for heart diseases. Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages on a regular basis also leads to atherosclerosis which is a condition characterized by artery-clogging deposits.

3.It causes acne: People who consume excessive sugar in their daily diet are more likely to be prone to acne. Processed sweets contain a high glycaemic index which causes the blood sugar levels to rise. This in return increases the production of oil, inflammation and androgen secretion. All of these factors have a huge role to play in the development of acne.

4.It increases the risk of diabetes: One of the most common health effects of sugar is diabetes. Most of the people these days are known to have diabetes. The percentage of diabetic people have almost doubled in the last 30 years. Diabetes has a direct link with excessive sugar consumption. Obesity or weight gain which is caused by too much sugar intake is one of the main factors leading to diabetes in people. Consumption of excessive sugar increases resistance to insulin, a kind of hormone which regulates the blood sugar levels in your body. This, as a result, increases the risk of diabetes.

5.It increases your risk to cancer: Consumption of excessive sugar can also lead to certain types of cancer. We all know too much sugar intake causes obesity in people which is actually one of the main causes of cancer. Even insulin resistance in your body can increase the chances of developing cancer.
After going through the mentioned pointers, it should be clear to you how bad sugar can be for your health. Limiting your sugar intake will only help you to keep your body healthy and free of diseases. Now that you know the potential dangers of excessive sugar intake, you should be careful about it.

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