Every single person out there in the world, at least one point of time in their lives, needs help in one way or the other, either personally or professionally. Personally not so much, but if professionally a person wishes to achieve the epitome of success, a person needs to work hat in hand with as many people as possible. From a simple employee to the biggest of an executive in a company, no one can move forward in their careers neither individually nor as an entity if they do not admit to needing help when needed.

Consequently, a CEO is also no exception. With an insurmountable number of things to take care of on a daily basis, it is virtually impossible for even the best of CEO's to handle everything on their plates without delegating their work to a committee comprising of CEO advisor or better yet, an advisory group CEO. Thus said, let us take a little deeper insight as to the various reasons for a CEO to have a CEO advisory group/panel:

1. EXPERTISE: Agreed that if a person handles the post of a Chief Executive, it is natural he is more than qualified. But even a management degree does not suffice to take care of the humongous amounts of tasks on the plate of a CEO. Which is why separate people with separate expertise in various fields comprise the CEO peer advisory group to facilitate and ease the workings of a CEO and thus of the entire firm/company as a whole.

2. MULTITUDE OF IDEAS: Very rightly said, two heads are better than one. More the people in the room, better is the possibility and the resultant quality of a brainstorming session that generates new and unique ideas to enhance the working and ultimately increase the output both qualitatively and quantitatively. More heads also tend to generate out of the box ideas that affect the workplace environment and its cultures in a positive way that is practically not possible to do for a single person who already has more pressing matters on his plate, tending to the formation of CEO peer groups to handle the same.

3. NETWORK ENHANCING: In the very same corporate world, a big and functioning network is the equivalent of a gold mine. Which is why the richest and the most successful of people tend to have the biggest of the networks imaginable (in today's scenario at least). Which is why a CEO's peer group from different backgrounds exist wherein various CEO's come together at a common place and discuss the various sets of challenges that each of them face on a daily basis and what are the various ways in which they and their teams tackle the same, what are the various fronts on which they bleed every day in a cutthroat environment of competition.

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