Is it not true that many businesses operate under the false idea that what they have to offer is not worthy of news coverage? Not only that, they often stand on the outside and watch as their competitors gain more and more visibility through press releases on all prime media outlets.

Unfortunately, these small businesses do not realize that each organization can have news that is worth sharing; and that the surest way to garner positive attention from your prospective buyers is through well-written press releases.

How can you write press releases for your educational institution?

When you want your press release to catch the attention of your targeted audience, it is imperative to follow certain guidelines and formatting rules. The idea is to include the most significant piece of information right at the start and then offer minor details towards the end. The trick is to cover the 5Ws or Who, Why, When, Where, and What, and H or How.

The press release may also have some relevant hyperlinks to your site or to web pages where your readers may get more information pertaining to the announcement. Not only will such links be useful for the media, they will also give your educational establishment referral traffic and SEO value for your website. You can approach many distribution platforms online for your press releases. It is also possible to find free distribution services but it is better to stay away from these.

How can you benefit from a press release writing service?

If you are such a business, this is exactly why you should be on the lookout for a quality press release writing and distribution service which can do this for you. A press release is nothing but an official statement, like an announcement, pertaining to an organization which is written mainly for news media and public consumption.

Press release services will write on your behalf for media channels and alert them of all news stories relating to your organization. When you run a small educational organization, these can work towards promoting your brand credibility and visibility.

The thing to remember about press releases is that these need not be ground-breaking announcements. Even a small success or milestone achieved by your company can be newsworthy. You will find that there are thousands of business journals, local magazines, trade journals, and news channels which cover events like launch of companies, acquisitions, product launches, key recruitments, and big events.

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Press release services will not force you to break the bank like traditional media advertising. This publicity may be free of cost at times, but you need to pick the right services to do this for you.