Balance your emotions and feelings of anxiety, sadness and remove blockages throughout the day by implementing some or all of these tips.

When you are feeling out of sorts or even just to maintain feelings of balance, you can choose from the list what you can incorporate throughout your day to do to help rebalance you feelings.
1.Choose a task if you are at work it could be: DE cluttering your desk: Cleaning your desk and around it, reorganizing your paperwork.
2.Or minimizing your to-do-list and reprioritize. If you are at home it could be washing the dishes, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, washing the car or reorganizing, tidying a room or area. It just needs to be something that is bugging you and you know that you will feel better when you have finished.
3.Take 5 minutes to just stop and take some deep breaths, if you are feeling particularly agitated, you may need to take a brief walk for 15 – 30 minutes. Whilst doing this ensuring to empty your mind from what has to be done to what needs to be done!
4.Allow your heart to open giving you, the positive reasons as to why you are doing what you are doing and why.Take many moments throughout the day to feel love and gratitude. Be it that you are grateful for having the desk to clean, the books to sort, the lawn to mow etc. Remembering the people in your life that love you, ensuring that you send loving thoughts to yourself as well. Remembering and even listing at least five things that you are grateful for:






5. Whilst doing the task you have chosen to break the pattern of feeling out of sorts bring back feelings of love, joy and happiness into your very essence of YOU.

Now I want you to notice how different you feel both inside and with your environment. If not go through the breathing and changing your thought processes to the positive again.

Well Done!

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Empowering You to Optimal Health Julie Doherty N.D

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Hi I’m Julie,

Your Health & Lifestyle Coach Specialist
(Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)

I learnt very early in my life that there was much more to health than meets the eye

To achieve “Optimal Health” is about taking control of every aspect of YOU and YOUR LIFE:

That “Optimal Health” is only possible when we understand the unity of our mind, emotions connections to our physical body then our soul that inner voice that knows what is good and not good for us: Not to aim for Perfection but for Connection.

I love to work with people who dedicated who want to succeed in all areas of their life with the understanding that "Health is the very foundation for this to be possible"

So for over 26 years, I have worked with thousands of people in clinical practice prescribing herbal & homoeopathic remedies: implementing dietary changes so as to accommodate the best nutrition and life balance possible:Group and individual Health & Lifestyle Coaching to achieve the Happiest, Healthiest and Most Successful Life Possible.

My Professional Qualifications include Diplomas in Naturopathic, Herbal: Homoeopathic & Nutritional Medicine: Remedial & Therapeutic Massage Therapy: Body Mind Balancing Cognitive Counselling, Life Coaching & Massage: & Natural Beauty:

1.I love to watch movies that are based on true life stories with all the aspects of Life, love, romance, challenges and best of all happy endings.
2.I am born and bred Australian, South Australian with an English, German and Italian background
3.I didn’t commence my formulative studies until I was 28 years of age
4.I am so totally in Love with my husband of now 42 years
5.My family is the most important aspect of my life
6.I am totally passionate and focused on Health and Aging Well.
7.I love Healthy, Fresh food and Dining out
8.I try to go without drinking wine, but I have to admit that when we go out for dinner or have friends over, I do enjoy the odd glass or two of Savion Blanc
9.I love my early morning walks, just seeing the sun come up and the birds singing is just AWESOME
10.I want to live overseas for three months
11.I am obsessed with self-development books and CD’s
12.I love writing, sharing all the great things about life
13.I love hearing my clients life stories and sharing mine
14.I am living proof that by taking charge of your life will allow you to follow your passions, give you the opportunity of to age with great health and vitality.

Julie Doherty N.D
Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society