Your computer has been freezing up; you have been trading and have lost money because your Computer For Day Trading took too long to process the order. You feel like you want to punch the screen and scream sometimes.

You are not alone! A lot of traders feel this way, especially when the market is volatile and your computer for day trading struggles to keep up. You feel a little lost because you don’t know where you should go to find a good system without spending a lot of money. Also, you feel a little confused as of what exactly you should get. You start shopping around and like most people; you go to one of the big retailers. As you start browsing questions start to pop up so you ask one of the guys who works there. You quickly realize that this person doesn’t know anything about trading and cannot understand your trading needs and system requirements. You leave frustrated and go decide to search on the web for answers. Guess what! You pretty much find the same thing, you find a list of companies who sell computers online but are unable to understand what a trader needs, and they cannot put together a great computer for day trading.

Fortunately, you keep searching and finally find Eddie Z. Eddie not only makes sure you get a good system, but he also speaks your language because he is a trader himself. He wrote a guide on “How to buy a trading computer” with the intention of educating traders on what to look for when getting a new computer for day trading. This guide is written not to confuse traders by using all these technical jargon, but to bring awareness to the trading community on what works and what doesn’t.

I was fortunate to find this guide and was even able to save money. I appreciate the fact that I was able to ask questions and get answers right away. Their technical support is based here in the US, so no calls are routed to India or Thailand. It is refreshing to have somebody here, at home, for change.

There is a lot of technology to make you feel overwhelmed, but don’t give up! As a trader, I am glad I researched a little more and found what I was looking for. Using a Computer For Day Trading means downloading and uploading a lot of information every day at very fast speed, so don’t fall behind and take advantage of all the new technology available nowadays. Trade better and trade happier!

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