It was one summer day that David Hudson stumbled upon a metal like element that her had not seen in his life. In the scorching heat of Arizona he noticed a shiny substance which showed very different properties compared to how a metal would behave generally. Now Hudson knew that this area hand precious metals like gold and silver in that area. As he took this mysterious element and tested it under heat and other methods of metal testing, it rapidly gained weight and lost, expanded and shrunk quickly and proved that it was a great conductor of energy. David spent millions of dollars researching on this whitish element and patented it in his name realising that it was a noteworthy discovery. This mysterious element was what Hudson named ORME or Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or commonly called ORMUS.

What is Ormus?
It is a monoatomic element not yet added to our chemical atomic table. It is said to be the infolded metal for of the precious metals. Like Ormus Gold can be exposed to highly chemical atmosphere and heat and can be transformed into pure metal Gold. The process can be exactly reversed and by dissecting the molecular structure of pure gold, one can get Ormus gold. The molecular structure of Ormus is single molecule meaning it is a monoatomic element. These molecules are at super spin state or what is called the M state which makes them superconductors. Ormus gold is also called white powder gold as it is usually found in a powdered state. But the actual colour of this element is more like wheat flour. It is also found in translucent yellowish golden colour which probably where it gets its name from, Ormus Gold. The researchers who Have been studying Ormus gold extensively and extracting it from pure gold share that there are 2 forms in which it can be extracted. One if the common powder form and the other one is more like the oil form which can be absorbed into the skin. David Wolfe is the manufacturer and great propagator of this elixir form of Ormus gold.

Claims of Ormus Gold:
One has to revisit the history books of all the ancient civilization just to discover that most them were familiar with a magical element very similar to Monoatomic Gold and in fact they used it to regularly as a part of their medicine or even the daily diet. The Sumerians, Egyptians, Jews, Chinese and even the medieval people understood the properties of Ormus gold and considered it to be a godly element that would connect their spiritual being back to the higher powers of the universe. The same kinds of claims are made by alchemists today around the world who produce and use monatomic gold in the pure form or as various health supplements. Consuming Ormus gold on a daily basis in a moderate quantity will increase the clarity of thinking in a person. As it is a great relaxing agent, it will simulate increased healing and pack the person with great energy. But the world of caution comes from some of the manufacturers themselves that Ormus is a delicate element and consuming it should be come with lot of knowledge and risk.

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