Why Visit A Reflexologist?
What is Reflexology? Reflexology works on the concept of small reflex maps, that suggest a shape of a human body mapped out on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexes in the feet, hands and ears correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body. By working on these areas on the feet, hands and ears the body’s own healing is stimulated.
Reflexology is holistic and non-invasive, working at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It assists the body to balance itself, promotes a gentle alignment of body, mind and spirit to promote well-being, and may increase energy levels.
Reflexologist do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific illness; rather they treat the whole person. To make a significant change in a condition, a client may need a series of treatments. Weekly visits may be recommended at first until a consistent improvement is noted. This will then progress to fortnightly, then monthly.
Reflexology complements other therapies.
Reflexology- Stepping toward a happier and healthier life.
Did you know that 75% of today’s disease are due to stress and tension in the body. It is now increasingly recognized that the body doesn’t just play up for the sake of it. Hipprocrates, known as the Father of Medicine,” Dis-ease is not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient’s body: a battle between the substance of dis-ease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body.” Reflexology and modern medicine, when used well together, make a dynamic team. It can’t possibly re-align shattered or broken bones but it can reduce swellings and inner tension, as well as ease pain. No amount of medication can ever mend a broken heart, yet reflexology can assist you in finding the understanding and solution that lies within you.

Reflexology is a completely natural safe form of healing that is non-evasive, simple and safe to give, yet it is responsible for some of the most impressive reactions. There are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears to every gland and organ in your body,by gently massaging these areas or nerve endings your body can will unwind and relax ,you may even start yawning or go to sleep. The practitioner works using only fingers and thumbs massaging, stroking and kneading the foot while you are fully clothed lying on a massage table or reclining comfortably. As the reflexes on your feet are massaged , it either arouses or soothes the corresponding part of the body while the massage itself eases the tension of the physical body quietens your mental chatter, and soothes and reassures your emotions. At the same time it reconnects you to the essence of your spirit. You may find your feet jerking with joy as emotional impediments are flushed away.
How Reflexology Helps
The relaxations aspect of reflexology is important since it is only when you are at ease with yourself that you can determine what is best for you. When feeling not so good, experiencing pain, cramps and aches reflexology can get to the root of the problem , so the memory associated with it can be sorted and removed once and for all. In so doing your whole body is cleared of impure thoughts and toxic emotions by improving sluggish circulation, and stimulating underactive, sluggish areas so they start working well for you again.
Reflexology will help you feel totally recharged and fit for life!
How many of you suffer from stress, low energy, headaches and lower back pain?
Reflexology can help you. It is such a pleasant form of deep relaxation and gives a welcome relief from daily strains of all of the above and more. Your vitality is increased, your confidence is boosted , you sleep so much better and it enhances your trust in yourself and others. You can then focus on what’s important in your life.
Look to your feet and you will find health and healing are only two feet away!
Life is a journey, not a destination.
Feet really do reveal the story of your life. Whatever disturbs your mind, also upsets your body. For instance, ulcers indicate that something done or not done is gnawing away and eating at the insides, which show up on the feet on the related reflex. The pressure of avoiding emotional conflict is enough to raise blood pressure. A persons feet become heavy and drag themselves through life if one is filled with sadness or remorse. Deep hurt from the past can overwhelm the heart, making it uneasy and one is more susceptible to disease.
We need to go within to find the resources .Why is it some hang on to old shoes-this person finds is hard to let go of the old and reluctant to move ahead in life. Worn down heels- under pressure. Itchy feet-what does itchy mean to you? Itching to get out and get away. Ulcers- Fear. A strong belief that you are not good enough. What is eating away at you? By changing your thought pattern you can heal yourself. Ulcers—I love and approve of myself. I am at peace. I am calm.

“I am healthy, whole and complete.”
.Sit quietly and ask yourself, ”What could be the thoughts in me that created this?”
.Repeat to yourself,” I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that has created this condition.”
.Repeat the new thought pattern to yourself several times a day.
.Assume that you are already in the process of healing.
Cancer is a disease caused by deep resentment held for a long time until is literally eats away at the body. Something happens in childhood that destroys the sense of trust. This experience is never forgotten; and you live with a sense of self-pity, finding it hard to develop meaningful relationships. To me, learning to love and accept the self is the key to healing cancers.
I believe we create every so called “illness” in our body. The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. The body is always talking to us if we will only take time to listen. Many people working in the alternative healing therapies use Heal Your Body, by Louise L. Hay all the time and find that the mental causes run 90-95 percent true.

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