We are immersed in a storm of information turbulence daily, sometimes we really do not see the wood for the trees and increasingly the search for ‘silence’ permeates the mind but escapes like a wonderful dream lost.

The channels of everyday information is rich with news of disaster, pain, tragedy and sorrow – good news it seems does not resonate with the masses; we are ‘turned on’ by sensationalism, voyeurism and dread. Bad news is often quickly replaced with celebrity gossip – ‘what the butler saw’ journalism – it is perhaps a thumb print of a society that looks upon other less information rich geographical regions as ‘third’ or developing worlds. Third behind what? Developing into what?

Sleep no longer is a refreshment oasis for the mind and body, it is more often a centre of information decoding, the next day preparation stable – we find it difficult to turn down mind activity even through REM.

It is no wonder that work-life-balance has become a key clause in HR policy among any enterprise identifying the importance of the individuals that drive and grow their business – ‘balance’ is the active word here…

Such is the influence of external energies that we may find the recognition of what makes us special and unique being diluted, the confidence in what we are and what we are capable of eroded, and are somehow more sensitive to the opinions and whims of how others may regard us than ever before – this almost semi-paranoia state of mind affects many of our young. The young may often identify with false images of what looks attractive and may go to great lengths to mimic these supposed standards. Others may gravitate to clusters of groups to find a sense of self, safety and identity in some case with little regard for rules and authority. Is there a real sense of social breakdown here? I am leaving this question for you to contemplate or answer.

Throughout the haze however is the knowledge that ultimately we can make choices. We can choose to be without a semblance of control like pollen on the wind or stop, take stock and choose a different course of action. The unique key to opening the gate to ‘self’ is the one called change. The first step on the path to self is to identify and acknowledge the need for personal change. It is not always easy to do this alone; particularly if self identity, confidence and self love is shrouded under the myriad of external nuances.

But doing so cannot be undervalued. I know how difficult it can be to rise up against a barrage of knocks, to continually hurdle over daily obstacles that are hurled in your life path, to deal with insincerity, hypocrisy and injustice – it is physiologically draining! That’s why I place great stock on Change. Change affords us all opportunity.

To break free from the norm; one needs to change the norm.

So take yourself out of what you have come to know – challenge your innate gifts (you have many!) in a different environment, with different people doing different things. Ignore the strains and noises of trepidation and fear suggesting that you remain as you are, on the same path, getting the same results.

Start small scale – we are creatures of habit after all – identify a habit and choose not to do it just this one time and see how doing so makes you feel. Take a different route to work, do not watch that upcoming episode of your preferred soap opera, tell your special one that you love them for once, don’t drink alcohol when you go out on the town and see if you enjoy yourself just as much – change the patterns of your life and you will change the portrait of your future.

‘Self ‘ is when having made a deviation from your norm – you are able to step back and feel spatially good not only about the decision made, but also the predicted positive outcome – this experience is addictive – it is the fundamental basis for Self Empowerment, the more you do the easier it gets! Don’t waste anymore time, do it today