The other day I heard a Reiki Master say that in his opinion Reiki was old fashioned and outdated...interesting.

I had to ponder this awhile. How can Reiki - Universal Life Force energy be old fashioned and outdated? I realize I can be a pretty literal person so I tried to comprehend how else this may have been intended.

Reiki as energy cannot be outdated. It is after all universal life force energy, it is a constantly co-created emanation of energy grounded in all life systems of our universe. Reiki as a modality could perhaps be outdated but only in context of the relationship the student of Reiki has with the practice of it, which makes it the responsibility of the student not a statement reflecting the potency of the modality itself. I certainly have never experienced Reiki to be anything but currently applicable and relevant. Furthermore, I believe that the truest power of Reiki is yet to be discovered as scientists learn more about the nature of energy from a quantum perspective. I don't think we have even scratched the surface of it's potential yet! Many energy workers are still working within paradigms of understandings that are old fashioned and not valid in true knowledge of how energy works. There are certainly some old-fashioned ideas out there that practitioners have laid over the practice of Reiki but they really don't affect the quality or potential of a session. The 'Energy' knows best and does better work than the small mindedness of its practitioner would allow.

I do see that energy practitioners of all disciplines in general have very personalized and limited perspectives of what Reiki is and can do. As usual people spread their personal fear garnished ideas around demonstrating how little faith they actually have in the power of the dynamic that is universal life force energy. It is so weird to me how many practitioners have tried to alter Reiki with new symbols and theories and techniques when it is so powerfully and simply effective as it is.

Usui, the Japanese metaphysician that developed this modality of healing brought to us the awareness that we have the opportunity to work with the energy that we are immersed in to create a possibility for peace, harmony and happiness. He became enlightened to this possibility after an extended meditation retreat where he apparently determined to release all his preconceived ideas of life in order to experience another way. Legend says he was willing to die if necessary.

Maybe I'm an old fashioned kind o'gal but I'm not gullible, naive, or easily bamboozled and I think Reiki is very cool. Reiki fits perfectly with well-established metaphysical philosophies, evolving quantum theories, natural laws of our universe, sound spiritual practices (like meditation) and all health issues of modern man. Remember I'm talking about original Usui Reiki...the precepts of Reiki are, I admit, pretty old fashioned;

"Just for today do not anger, do not worry, honor your parents, teachers, and elders, earn your living honestly and show gratitude for all living things."

But you know, all things considered, it's a pretty honorable code of ethics to live by. As far as the rest of it I would suggest that before you decide Reiki is out dated - look perhaps to your own ego and it's ideas. Reiki really doesn't need your thoughts and perceptions of understanding to work, in fact try instead surrendering to it, get out of the way, stay present and watch the magic begin! Reiki is precise and perfect every time.

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Andrea is a full time practicing Reiki Master, metaphysics teacher and energy practitioner. She has been using Tarot Cards and energy work to assist people in their life transitions for over 15 years and is passionate about teaching people the tools they need to feel empowered in their own lives. She is a popular teacher and offers many programs, seminars and workshop in self-empowerment, metaphysics, meditation and Reiki. When she isn’t teaching she’s busy working on her book. Find out more on her website and her blog at