If you're driving and notice that a warning light appears on the dashboard, you'll likely feel a range of emotions. You may panic and wonder if the light indicates a major problem. Or, you may be thinking about how you can afford to fix your vehicle. You may also choose to push the warning out of your mind, since you've got so many other things to think about can't focus on your car's repair needs right away.


It's true that some of us are great about taking care of our cars, and take our vehicles in to be repaired at the first sign of trouble. Some people even make sure they get regular tune-ups on their cars, so they hardly ever see warning lights. However, some people aren't as diligent when it comes to car maintenance and often have to deal with costly repairs or being told they may have to get a new car, since their current automobile may be beyond repair.


While it's not exactly the most romantic comparison, many of us treat our relationships the same way we treat our cars -- which may not always be a good (or bad) thing. Perhaps looking at our relationships as valuable commodities that must be tended to regularly can keep our personal lives running a little smoother.


Relationships Need Tune-Ups


Whether you've got a small two-door vehicle or the best midsize SUV, you'll need to schedule tune-ups for your car regularly. This is one of the best ways to fix minor problems before they become major ones and stop potential issues before they happen. The same goes for your relationship. Check in with your mate regularly and ask how he/she is feeling about your relationship overall. Ask about how your loved one is feeling about specific events happening in your life as well. Listen actively and attentively to let your mate know that their emotions and opinions are important to you. Address any issues you and your significant other have with each other before these issues cause resentment or long-standing arguments in your relationship. A relationship tune-up is often much easier and more effective than waiting until a small issue becomes a point of contention and may be difficult or even impossible to fix.


Relationships Have a Gas Tank (That Needs to Be Filled)


You won't let your car get too low on gas before you fill it, since you know you won't be able to go far without gasoline. You may even get a little nervous when you see that the gas in your car is getting low and you may not have time to stop at the gas station right away. Think of quality time, emotional connection and creating great memories together as the "gasoline" for your relationship. Unless you're filling your relationship with these essential items, you won't be making much progress. Be aware when you get extremely busy and don't have as much time as you usually do to fill your relationship gas tank. Make the necessary adjustments to let your partner know that they are a priority to you so you can continue on the journey of life together.

Relationships Have Warning Lights


Before your engine starts malfunctioning or your vehicle runs out of oil, you'll likely see a warning light that lets you know which repairs are necessary for your vehicle. The same goes for your relationship. Before you and your mate are spending less time together or disagreeing on even the smallest things, you'll see "warning lights" that will let you know that trouble is on the way if you don't address the problems. Make the effort to make the necessary repairs in your relationship as soon as you see the "lights," just like you would for your automobile.

Relationships Shouldn't Be On Cruise Control


Finally, remember that your relationship shouldn't always be on cruise control. Yes, after you've been with your mate for some time, certain things will come naturally to you. However, it's important to continue to be alert and attentive, as if you were driving with cruise control. This feature is ideal for a trip when you're driving on a long stretch of highway, but that doesn't mean you should take your eyes off the road. Unexpected things happen while driving, just like they do in relationships. When you're paying attention to your surroundings and life circumstances, you'll be more likely to handle surprises gracefully and reach your destination -- whether you're driving or trying to maintain a healthy, fulfilling relationship.         



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