Normally, breakup is what the oxford dictionary defined as the ending of a relationship or an association, of which, for a relationship or an association to end just like that on a special day can never feel right. The reason for not feeling right is because you have taken time and patience to build the relationship between you and your ex boyfriend on a daily basis, and tried to tolerate every wrong and enjoyed the happy moment. Well, guess what? You can restore the breakup between you and your ex boyfriend, and build a better relationship through text messages. How, Will be your question? Read on

Remove every thought that makes you blame your ex for the breakup.

The deed has already been done. A breakup may leave you emotional and confused, but this doesn’t give you a reason to blame your ex boyfriend for what happened. Instead of you looking for fault from his side of view, why don’t you use that time to search your mind very well and see maybe you did a little bit of wrong? If you can do this, then is certain that you have admitted to your mistakes, and you are willing to learn from them. So now, you have to change any character that is bad, so you can become a better person.
After doing all these, you can now text him. The moment you text him after these changes, he will definitely notice the changes in the text, and then start envisaging a better relationship with your ex boyfriend in the future.

Let your ex boyfriend see your changes through text.

Show your ex boyfriend that you have change for the better. Try to text him so that he can understand these changes. But, in doing this part use all discretion towards the text. Make the text message subtle and though. You don’t have to beg for his mercy or want to change the anger he has on his face.
Just text and act with all discretion as mentioned. So after you have text him first, then avoid texting him for some time. When you stop texting him, he will begin to feel that you have moved on and now enjoying life without him. Truly, you will see that your absence from him will make him wonder if you are away or busy. Definitely after some days or weeks, you’ll be amazed to get some text from him through text. So surprising, you will be approaching to have a better relationship in no time.

Plan for a better relationship

Now that you have known all the mentioned fact, begin to plan for a better relationship by the time you and your ex gets back together. Remember all the mistakes you have made on your own part when the relationship was on then write all of them and make sure you correct everything.

Remake your relationship

At this stage, your absence will make him feel more emotional towards you and then, he will start texting you again. The moment you notice this, slowly ease your way back into his life. Now, begin to text him as often as possible and try to ask of his whereabouts. By doing these, he will begin to feel happy that you haven’t forgotten him totally.

Once you have done the caring part, feel free to meet him at an event he is partaking and try to talk to him freely there. After this, continue texting him. If you notice he continues the texting back, then you are certain that a better relationship is about to evolve from the breakup.

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