Retinor Advertisements Designing LLC (RAD) is a leading advertisement and designing company located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We help you do better by implementing creative and innovative strategies for the growth of your business. Right from the logo to signage boards, branding, video, marketing campaign, eBook, large format printing, digital signage, events, exhibitions, creative works, architectural and cladding we do everything to navigate your business to success.

The company has come a long way establishing itself as region’s one of the top-notch advertising, commercial graphics and printing destination. Today RAD is the only company in the entire GCC to offer high tech digital imaging services for industrial and advertising; what is more important is the fact that these services are supported by the right people – skilled professionals capable of offering solutions, designed to meet the growing needs in outdoor media and signage business. We are continually aspiring to stay ahead of the ever-changing advertising world.

We’re multi-disciplined and multicultural with diverse talents from across the globe. Together we make a strong team, and the creativity runs through the veins of our team members. We provide brilliant solutions in branding, advertising and media work. You provide us with a brief of what do you want; we’ll strategize for advertising to your specific target audiences. Reach out to us for more details.

Signage: We provide creative and customized Signage solutions that tailor fits the client's needs.

Large Format Printing: We extend a wide range of large format printing services that can accommodate all your unique requirements.

Digital Signage: Harness the power of videos and images to create an impression in the mind of customers and increase the sales.

Architectural and Cladding: Add a striking finish to the display boards with custom-made stunning architectural and cladding services.

Events and Exhibition Work: We create extraordinary brand experiences, global events and exhibitions; helping brands to connect with those who count most.

Creative works: We provide exceptional creative writing services and artwork production at competitive rates.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Nothing drives consumers’ interest in your business like a huge hoarding can do. Retinor can help you to highlight your message and values in a large format printing.

Some of the advantages that a large format printing can bring to your business include —

• You can post it on an outdoor billboard, and there it will have a larger reach
• No one can skip it unlike a digital ad
• People will see it and read it out in one look
• Large format designs placed around highways and above busy streets
• Large-format prints are eye-catching
• It can attract attention and kindle curiosity
• More public will notice it in one or another way
• You can print them on a number of substrates
• It is more durable and able to stand with environmental conditions
• You will get revenue from your investments into large format digital printing

No matter what you need in your graphic designs, large format printing can enable you to do it as large as you want. If you are seeking to print a new outdoor design for your advertising and marketing campaigns, nothing can be a better choice for you than a large format printing.

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