We are utilizing Selenium WebDriver for computerization of our web application tests. We utilize selenium to run our test on various mix of programs and operational frameworks.

Utilize Cases and Deployment Scope:

As a matter of first importance, how about we call attention to that "Selenium" is an unclear word. There are:
"Selenium IDE" which is a basic module for Firefox that has restricted capacities to record and answer client activities alongside utilizing Javascript bits and parameterization.

WebDriver, AKA Selenium WD:

It is a bundle that can be as libraries to many programming languages, for example, Java, Ruby, Python and .net structure. Webdriver is far more incredible and adaptable in light of the fact that you can utilize the programming dialect on your support; For example, you should need to utilize a database to peruse information as an information driven test, record results to another table, utilize Java robot to tap on non-web components or work area windows, or even coordinate Webdriver with headless programs, for example, PhantomJS, that will assist you with running the test in non-gui situations.

Selenium Remote Control (RC):

This is server-based selenium, being introduced straightforwardly on web server and like WebDriver, can receive different programming dialects. As would see it RC is getting out of date and supplanted with WebDriver aside from in exceptional situations, for example, running numerous Webdriver Agents on customer side as a Selenium Grid.

We adore selenium due to its huge handiness and abilities. Much of the time, it is absolutely good with costly instruments, for example, HP UFT or SmartBear TestComplete and how about we not overlook that Selenium is free and open source.

In any case, Selenium and WebDriver are not all that solid all alone: They are feeble on identifying Java applets and Flash components and absolutely out of class with regards to non-web components. Luckily, there are answers for conquered such issues. For non-web components, Java Robot or Python gtk is accessible. For present day training on selenium in Bangalore Java applets that depend on swing components, FEST is a helpful instrument to coordinate with selenium to recognize applet components. At long last, Sikuli is an astounding library to find components dependent on their look (pixel by pixel), which is extremely valuable to recognize some Flash or Applet components inside GUI.

Upsides and downsides:-

• Selenium Webdriver is inviting with most programs and working frameworks
• It can be written in numerous dialects, for example, Java, Python, Ruby, C#, Etc.
• Although it is free open source programming, yet there are great documentations in help in web including stackoverflow and numerous discussions and web journals.
• Selenium is extraordinary for mechanizing UI and utilitarian tests
• Selenium can work with various programming dialects and systems
• Would be decent, if there was worked in highlight to peruse js support mistakes.
• Since Selenium is open source free device, there is no help for it
• Recognize Adobe Flash and MS Silver Light components without extra help
• Detect and find Java applets fixings
• Having the "Hold up till-Displayed" or "Hold up till-Present" as an inherent Web Driver work rather than prerequisite for composing circles and characterizing explicit pause, visiblewait, invisiblewait, and so forth.

Rate of return:-

• It's free, open source, so there is no negative effect
• Many programming dialects that Selenium can work with
• We made many Selenium contents for robotization, relapse and checking. They helped us to spare huge amounts of cash and recognize/counteract numerous deformities.
• Selenium doesn't require broad preparing and costly classes. Anybody with some programming foundation can begin selenium training in Bangalore working with selenium ace it in a half year.
• We incorporate our Selenium-TestNg testcases to our QA dashboard to demonstrate the composed outcomes rapidly and viably.

Key Differentiators:-

• Price
• Product Features
• Product Usability
• Product Reputation
• Third-party Reviews

It's free best robotization apparatus. It's anything but difficult to use with various programming dialects.

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