Countdown of our demise begins with our birth. Since death is inevitable, it is always advisable to do right planning while you are alive. Well planned and managed life will not only add to your comfort and convenience while you are alive but it will also prove to be peaceful and fruitful for your family when you are gone. According to best trust attorney San Diego, it is better to make a will or form a trust while you are alive and not let your estate go into government’s hand after you are gone. It should be you who should decide who you your heir will be and not the state.

Some of the benefits of wills and trust in protecting your estate have been discussed below!

  1. According to San Diego trust attorney, major benefit of forming a will or a trust is that your assets are distributed amongst your family as per your wish. It also prevents your estate from going in probate where everything is made public and state appoints a conservator to look after your estate. Once your estate goes in probate, your family will need to go through long and expensive process to take control back in their hands.
  2. According to family trust lawyer, often the heir is not prepared emotionally or mentally to handle all the wealth received by them on your death. If you have made a will or a trust, it ensures that it goes into the hand of your heir after he is in right frame of mind to handle the wealth. It ensures that your legacy continues and flourishes forever.
  3. Wills and trust also protect your wealth from greed of the family member which can lead to mismanagement of your assets. If your heir is a child, then despite of being owner of the entire estate, he or she will be slave to people managing the estate. According to last will and testament attorney, if you make a will or a trust, both your assets and rights of your heir will be protected from undue greed of family members.

 According to trust and estate planning attorney, if a person wants his last wishes regarding distribution of his wealth shall be executed just as he has planned, then the best way to do so is make will and trust. According to a renowned trust lawyer, it is never late to draft a will and form a trust under guidance of an experience attorney and save you estate after you. 

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