English is a global language. This is a world's largest speaking language. Thus it is quite easy to understand the role of English medium studies in today's world. Many public and world schools in Delhi are providing the best study curriculum in English language only. All the academic subjects and the activities period in the schools are conducting only in the English language. All the faculties are well versed in written and speaking English. And thus they are providing good training to their students also learning and performing very well in their school exams. The co-curricular activities in theses schools are also very attractive and designed in such a manner that enhances each child's mental and social calibers, that also thrives them to grow up with a good and smart personality.

Day boarding schools are also running in Delhi in English medium only. Theses schools basically aim to provide a full day service to their students. When both the parents are working and hardily get enough time to spend a worthwhile time with their kids then the day boarding schools starts their work. For the whole day this school is taking care of your child in terms of their good school studies, in providing healthy meal, the good infrastructure of the school provides them the equal facilities just like the other public schools in Delhi. Then enrolling your child in some good day schools will definitely solve your major problems to deal with child's better care.

A 'TOEFL' and GRE exam is also going on which is required to clear before appearing for the higher studies in foreign countries. The GRE is the Graduate Record Examination, required at most US universities for entrance into a graduate (Masters or Ph.D.) program. The TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, required by students for whom English is not their first language for acceptance to most US universities for undergraduate or graduate studies. So if a child is already accomplished a good studies in English medium schools then they can easily catch such type of exams for pursuing the higher studies.

A person who is well versed in both speaking and written English can easily roam around the world without hesitation. He\she will not face any difficulty in making any sort of interaction in any department that speaks English language. And more or less all the people around the world are speaking English not in proper sense but can easily grasp it.

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