Once there was a girl named Rose. God Himself had named her, for she belonged to Him alone. She had come from His Heart. Living in the world, she had forgotten who she was and lost her way. But God never once took His eyes off of her.

As a child, Rose would often look into a mirror and see herself as a beautiful bride. This was her favorite fantasy, seeing herself with a crown and veil and a long white dress. One day, Rose became conscious of the wish that had been in her heart all along: “I want to be God’s wife and serve Him all my life.” Her conscious mind was shocked at such a lofty desire. But, there it was, plain as day, written right across her heart.

Now that her great love for God had entered her consciousness, strange and wonderful changes began to happen in Rose’s life. God slowly began to reveal Himself to her, for it was He who had put this desire into her heart from the very beginning of time. “Close your eyes and reach out for my hand,” said God, “and I will guide you along the pathway that will bring us together. You do not know my ways, and cannot yet understand my plan, but your faith is strong and your love for Me is pure, so you cannot fail in the mission I have assigned you.”

As in all fairy tales, Rose was to be the beautiful princess who would kiss a frog who would turn into a handsome prince ... or ... no ... she was to be locked away in a tower and let down her hair for her beloved to climb ... or ... no ... she was to fall asleep for many years and be awakened by the kiss of her beloved ... Yes! That’s it. Rose’s consciousness was asleep, and the Prince kissed her sweetly, and ... oh no, that’s still not it. No. Now Holy Spirit guide my pen:

Rose, eyes closed, and hand outstretched, is guided by the Spirit of her beloved into the darkness of the night, where great danger is lurking. Protected by the armor of Love, she is led to a man who also has forgotten who he is and lost his way. Filled with God’s grace, Rose takes the man’s hand and God begins to lead them both out of the darkness. But the man is a prisoner of the darkness and it is no easy task to free him. But with love, faith, and a pure heart, Rose causes the scales to begin to fall from the man’s eyes, and he starts to see for the first time.

Slowly and tediously he is freed from his entanglement in the darkness. God has allowed a great love to come into Rose’s heart for this man, and with this love and patience, and God’s protection, Rose stays by his side while the struggle for his freedom goes on. Finally, brought into the light, free at last from all entanglements, this man has eyes to see and ears to hear, and turns to God to know his purpose.

Immediately the Spirit of Rose’s beloved enters into the man and Rose stands face to face with her Bridegroom. A great Wedding Feast is prepared and all in the Kingdom are invited. Rose is dressed in her real crown, veil and white dress and presented to her Groom. All the people are happy to see the love between Rose and her Husband. The celebration begins and they all live happily ever after!

Author's Bio: 

Abraham Rose, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, Author, Poet, and Pianist is a woman of faith whose life miraculously demonstrates the spiritual principles she shares with her readers and listeners. Her inspirational words have power to transform lives. Just a few words from Abraham Rose have been known to turn lives around and put people on a higher path. Her life is a testament to the power of Divine Love. She has overcome many trials and tribulations, enabling her to help others by providing hope and encouragement not only from theory, but from real life experience.