Andrea Bocelli’s CD, Romanza, was playing on my car stereo. But, I wasn’t following the rule to listen. Because I was driving in hectic traffic, I was concentrating on following the rules of the road. Sure enough, the traffic light ahead turned yellow, I slowed down and followed the rule to stop. The light turned red. I waited. Traffic passed in front of me until my traffic light again turned green. However, instead of following the rule to go, an intuition told me to pause. I looked to my left in time to see a car speed by in front of me. Whether the driver was oblivious to the rules of the road, or in a BIG hurry, didn’t really matter to me. I was glad my car didn’t get side swept. It was another example of the rule of universal harmony in effect.

I learned about universal harmony from Science and Health, written by Mary Baker Eddy in the 19th century. From the revision 21st Century Science and Health, we read, “Let us prepare for the supremacy of Spirit, the kingdom of heaven—the government and law of universal harmony, which cannot be lost or remain forever unseen.” Universal harmony is a rule we can be aware of.

As it is, the plethora of human rules, to listen, to stop, to go, to wait, to put the toilet seat down, are capricious. Human rules contradict one another quite often. One rule could be good in situation A, but the same rule could cause problems in situation B. It is all very tiring. However, instead of being robots, following rules, rules, rules, humanity is experiencing the law of universal harmony through knowledge, or awareness of Spirit and spirituality.

It is being acknowledged that we don’t have to insist on having our own mind, or our own troublesome ego. We can loosen up and see ourselves as antennas, so to speak. This framework allows us the ability to tap into divine Spirit and its rule of universal harmony on earth. It also might explain why our sophisticated technology can’t detect mind, or ego, in the brain.

Antennas pick up on signals, frequencies, or even smells. However, if we are only tuned into human rules and signals, alas, smashing melodrama is the norm. On the other hand, if we consciously pick up on the guidance of divine Spirit, the human rules of chaos, accidents, and confusion are defied.

I’ve also noticed to be true concerning physical health. Universal harmony has a rule of secure health that defies the human rule of vulnerable health. For example, years ago, I was in the house and felt the flu come on full force. Nausea and fever hit me so quick I was on the floor sweating and miserable. After a few moments I called a Christian Science Practitioner to pray for me and then made my way into bed. Within 24 minutes I felt all the symptoms of illness palpably release from my body. I called it the 24 minute flu, but in reality, our affirmation of universal harmony, which includes secure health, presented a healthy mind/body/spirit.

Human rules are necessary, however, it is our right to increase our spiritual knowledge and take a stand for the fact that those human rules conform to divine rules. Rules of universal harmony can be manifest. I can pause patiently at a green light. I can forgive the oblivious driver. I can accept other people’s forgiveness of me when I am in a hurry. Also, health can be contagious. Spiritual healing can be the norm. Universal harmony is ours.

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Cheryl Petersen revised Mary Baker Eddy's Science and Health. 21st Century Science and Health can be found online at Healing Science Today