Russian Ukrainian War February 28 News: The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a new video statement ahead of the Kyiv-Moscow peace talks on the Border of the Belorusia today. In his speech, Zelensky said that his main goal was to reach an agreement for a ceasefire. He asked Russian forces to 'go and live'. The statement took place on the 5th day about what was called 'special military operation' launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin on Monday remains ambiguous about the victims suffering from Russian troops. https://">Ukraine
has claimed that more than 5,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the last five days.

Hard sanctions have begun to show the impact on the Russian financial market. While the ruble fell to a record low during the opening trade, the Russian stock market remained closed today. Meanwhile, there are reports that Russian troops have announced 'safe corridors' for civilians to leave Kyiv. It should be noted that unlike what Moscow expected, the takeover of Kyiv had not yet occurred so far. Rigid resistance placed by the Ukrainian army means that the conflict will run.

While the Kremlin did not determine what the command of the 'Special Regime' Putin for the mean nuclear, the report shows that the frustrating rate of military operations means Putin can do more combat forces in Ukraine. https://">russia
also said that there would be an impact on the western world and the EU for aircraft prohibitions. The Kremlin states that the latest sanctions round is difficult but Russia has all competencies to 'go up.' So far, Britain, the US, the US and the European Union have cut Russian banks from the Western financial market.

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