My happy self believes that everyone loves quotes, but necessarily all quotations…and yours truly is not unique! There are quotes by all types of folks, whether they are rich or poor, short or tall, or any other category we could configure.

Of course, we could classify the quotes themselves into an assortment of headings…such as good, bad, or indifferent. Personally, my individual person is not sure what category or heading you folks might list my quotes under, but I will gamble and take the risk that someone will not hit me with a rotten tomato, or any other item their imaginations can come up with. However; since I am not listing my address here, I will proceed to list a few of mine here---hopefully, for your pleasure!

The first one is – “What the heck is this all about?? Not sure of any of you folks, but this young “dude” is 100% convinced that this life is pretty much what we want it to be – at least 90% of it anyway! As we have the good fortune to live in America, we can configure ourselves to be any type of human we wish. We can travel almost anywhere we desire, and do just about anything we can conjure up. In order to pursue it further, we need to have an imagination, for “A mind without and imagination is still a creepy thing.” (my next quote). We all have imaginations, although I have seen a few things on the street that science may be interested in, imagining who or what they are.

And that brings us to my next quote – “A sincere question pries open the gateway to knowledge, and the imagination takes the knowledge to forever” (by yours truly).

And that means, in one sense of the words, that we need to inquire of ourselves as to what type of person we wish to be, where we wish to go, and what we want to do with our lives. Once we ask the questions, our brains tell us what we need to do, and our imagination explains all the opportunities in our chosen answers that we were not aware of existed. So where do we go to ensure we have made the correct decisions? Simply put – “For all that is important, look within yourself.” (my next quote). For therein is the answers to everything that is important to us as an individual.

“We work hard at complicating our lives.” --- we don’t wish to complicate our lives anymore then they already are, and we want to “Give myself as little trouble as possible.” And one of the problems we run into is when we begin worrying about what others might think of us. Well, yours truly solved that problem with my next quite – “I used to worry about what others thought of me, until I woke up one day and realized that, outside of loved ones and some friends, no one was thinking of me at all.” Which in turn, took me to my next quote – “To heck with peer pressure!” Why should we allow what others may think about what we wish to do with our lives, have any influence on us? Yes, I sincerely believe in listening to the advice of those we trust, but we must make our own decision, for we are the ones who have to live with them.

Naturally, our decisions are going to require some effort on our part, for if there were no effort involved, it wouldn’t be worth the effort in the first place. So how do we solve the problem of how we are going to face all of that effort? Well, again, yours truly, after a lot of effort on my part, has come up with a solution by arriving at a new quote – drum roll please!

“Since we do the same things with our minds and bodies whether we are working or playing, why not make “work” equal “play” (also yours truly)? Whether we are working or playing, we walk, talk, laugh and sometimes cry, hear, taste, feel, smell, yell and sometimes get yelled at, thank and sometimes not, like some folks and hate others, eat and drink, sometimes learn new methods of doing whatever we do, are sometimes happy and sometimes sad, hope and dream, and all sorts of other things that we wish we didn’t have to do or wish we could do.

However; I must admit that, unless it involves our loved ones, that no matter what we are doing, or how much we are worth, we should “Always be willing to walk away.” (also one of my quotes). Again, unless it involves our loved ones, nothing is worth any un-ending adversity in our lives – it’s too short!

We must muster the courage to change the things in our lives that go wrong – as Elvis Presley once said: “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” And if the changes we wish to make cause some concerns in us, or just scares us, we may wish to consider what John Wayne once said: “Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyway.” Imagine what you will discover next!

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