For building construction, one uses scaffolding to provide a strong, secure, and timely passage of materials and workers. Use of a robust system helps secure the material and speeds up construction activities.

Factors of the scaffolding

The elements of the scaffolding used in building construction consist of verticals, and horizontals. You can get these from the Scaffolding Materials Manufacturers in your area. In entirety, we call it as the cup-lock system. The cup-lock system has many advantages over the other systems.

Advantages of the cup-lock system

This system offers many advantages that are beneficial for the building purposes. Here is a look at some of them.

  • The construction of the scaffolding remains strong.
  • You can make a strong erection in a short time.
  • Mechanism of assembly is simple and direct.
  • The entire structure remains systemized in full.
  • Increase system safety by eliminating loose fittings.
  • The increased technical support helps improve the confidence of the workers.

When you order your vertical and horizontal cup-lock supplies from the Scaffolding Materials Suppliers make sure that they meet the building industry standards. The material must conform to IS 1161 1998 OR IS-1239 Part I. Use pipes that follow this specification – 40 NB (OD 48.3mm) ERW mild steel. For the verticals, use Medium or Heavy Class steel and for the horizontals, use Light or Medium Class steel according to the need at the site.

In the verticals, the cups used in the top position must remain made from malleable cast iron; there are two cups used in this position. The cups used in the bottom position must remain made from M.S. Forging; we use two cups in this position. You use connection points at 500 mm vertical interval of a standard vertical member. To continue connections, we provide ends in the vertical members with 150mm long spigot. You get all verticals in standard sizes. The verticals are otherwise called as standards.

Specification of the horizontals

The horizontals we call as ledgers. All the blades must remain made from M.S. Forging. The horizontals come in standard sizes. In this system, you see the unique method of connecting horizontal to verticals in one single action. There is no need for bolts, nuts, or wedges as in the other systems. The mechanism involves two cups of which one is a fixed lower cup welded to the verticals. Then, you have a sliding upper cup that you move down and rotated by a hammer blow to give the positive and rigid connection.

Cup-lock verticals come in seven basic sizes. They remain welded at either 500 mm or 1000 mm intervals. The top cups are captive and malleable that allows for rough handling on the site. The bottom cups remain made from high-quality steel. The horizontals come in a selected range of sizes. These vary according to the needs of the grid work.

Many of the access structures use this type of horizontals for their grid work. The blade ends remain forged with the projection kept to the least to resist damage at the site. The other appendages used along with the scaffolding include the adjustable spans and the adjustable props.

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