Some individuals are driven to achieve greatness. They are dedicated towards their craft and leave no stone unturned to improve themselves and make a mark in the industry and the society. They are goal driven and believe in inspiring others to attain their dreams.

These personalities believe in themselves and have a positive perspective towards things. One such pragmatic personality who has made a major impact in the Marathi and Indian film industry is none other than Sanskruti Balgude. She is a renowned actress, who has inspired the audience through her impressive performances. Ms. Sanskruti started her acting journey with the serial, Pinjara. Since her debut, she has not looked back and aims to attain numerous landmarks as an actress.

“I believe that the actresses are nurturing themselves and delivering strong performances”

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Experience of Acting in Films

Ms. Sanskruti states that her initial experience of acting in films was intimidating. She feels that daily soap acting is entirely different from acting in films. She has always been a fan of the subtle form of acting and has tried to incorporate it whenever she performed.

Opinions about the Film Industry

Ms. Sanskruti believes that the film industry has made a massive impact. The Hindi film industry is delivering great content. She states, “These days, Hindi films are focusing on women empowerment and this change is commendable”. She believes that Vidya Balan did an excellent job in upholding the concept of women empowerment in various films, and the legacy is being carried forward by many other actresses.

Advice for the Budding Generation

Ms. Sanskruti states, “People think becoming an actor or an actress is the easiest job, but it is not”. She advises the emerging artists to work hard and master their craft. One cannot become an actor or an efficient artist overnight. It requires patience, dedication, and hard work.

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