Last year, our wonderfully innovative fifth grade teachers came up with the idea of holding a Science Bee, with the winning student receiving creative awards made from basic science supplies.

The winner's award pack included: laboratory goggles, a composition notebook, a magnifying glass and a pencil.

Since the items were just standard materials, I was given the task of transforming them into fun, flashy tools that the kids could get excited about.

With just 48 hours to complete my mission, I brainstormed design ideas for the four items, then scoured the house for anything that would complete each of my visions.

Here is how I transformed basic school supplies into Science Bee awards:

* Laboratory Goggles:

Vision - To make the goggles look like they are covered in flawless diamonds, since diamonds are among the most valued natural minerals found in the environment.

Using clear, plastic crystal rocks and hot glue, I covered every part of the goggles, with the exception of the elastic band that holds them in place or any other part that comes in direct contact with the student.

Inspired Note: The clear, crystal rocks can be found at most craft stores, a few of which include: Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

* Composition Notebook:

Vision - To transform the bland, gray cover into the dark universe, while highlighting our solar system.

Using leftover rubber balls and plastic bracelets from children's party bags, I determined which of the balls would best represent the coloring and relative size of the sun as well as each of our 8 planets.

Next, I cut the balls in half with a kitchen knife, then hot glued them starting with the sun in the top, left corner of the cover, followed by each planet in their respective order.

I gave Saturn its rings by hot gluing on the plastic bracelets and completed the cover by outlining it with the clear rocks to give it that extra "bling."

* Magnifying Glass:

Vision - To transform this tool into a reminder of the student's younger years when they would study bugs in nature using a magnifying glass.

Obtaining a river rock from my yard, I placed it in the grass, far away from windows, cars, or kids, then broke it in half with a hammer.

Inspired Note: Even though I did not have any problems with breaking the rock in this way, I don't recommend it.

I then hot glued a flat shard to the handle of the magnifying glass.

Next, I found leftover black spiders from a past Halloween project and hot glued one on top of the rock.

* Pencil:

Vision - To transform this basic supply into a strand of DNA that could retract in length, as the pencil needed sharpening.

With a blue and a red pipe cleaner, I wrapped the pencil starting at the top, intertwining them like a braid as I made my way to the bottom.

It only took a few hours to transform these four basic supplies into fun Science Bee awards, and from the feedback I received, they were a hit.

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

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