The love for seasonal blooms within wedding floristry has always been popular amongst brides. This allows for a fresh and timely display that works well with other seasonal elements such as the venue or dress choice. However, matching in-season blooms to the wedding theme of your choice can be tricky so knowing which flowers are best during each season can help you come up with your perfect floral arrangement.

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Utilising the help of professional florists such as Moyses Stevens is a must for any bride-to-be. Moyses Stevens was first established back in 1876 and is one of the most prestigious florists in London. They have in-house wedding experts to assist you every step of the way. From gathering inspiration and creating mood boards, to helping you pick your favourite blooms and foliage and finally producing and installing your incredible floral display on the day. They have your wedding floral needs covered from start to finish. Moyses Stevens also sources from local growers in the UK, especially for seasonal blooms and greenery. They use fifteen growers in the UK and will always try to use seasonal blooms within wedding arrangements if that is suited to your requirements.

If you are stuck on which themes work well with various flowers throughout the seasons, here is a guide for your wedding day flowers.

Spring - Beautifully Traditional

If you are dreaming of a beautiful Spring wedding you’ll have a wide selection of blooms to choose from. Classic bridal bouquets work really well within this season as garden roses, light brown lisianthus and a vibrant array of seasonal greenery suit a traditional white and green theme. Adhering to a clean, white colour palette in the springtime means you could use gorgeous blooms such as the lily of the valley or white ranunculus within your floral arrangements on your special day.

Summer - Natural Boho

The beauty of a natural boho wedding theme is that you could use either neutral tones to match an organic aesthetic or opt for more vibrant colours but blended with foliage and dried elements. Blooms such as foxgloves, hydrangeas and scabiosa would work well in a boho-inspired arrangement. You can also add dried elements to create texture and dimension such as pampas grass, bunny tails or gypsophila with green foliage. In the summer months, you also have beautiful sunflowers, poppies and delphiniums to choose from if you are hoping for a stunning seasonal display. Moyses Stevens florists are highly skilled and experts in wedding arrangements so make sure to reach out to them if you wish to learn more about how they will think about the big picture and not just the flowers.

Autumn - Chic Modern

Modern weddings can vary and this style can suit a range of seasonal blooms. From industrial styles, sleek yet minimalistic decor choices and on-trend elements, these can work well for many brides-to-be. Autumn is also a great time of the year for rich, vibrant floral colours and plenty of blooms to choose from. Dahlias could be used within a monochromatic floral arrangement as these ruffled flowers thrive in slightly cooler conditions. Chrysanthemums are already popular within statement floral displays but they would look wonderful in a chic modern theme alongside some simple greenery. This style is great for those couples that wish to have a more understated floral arrangement that still looks beautiful. Moyses Stevens can assist you in bringing this vision to life and creating a floral display that works perfectly with the season.

Winter - Enchanting Glamour 

Magical wintertime weddings can exude glamour and style despite a smaller selection of seasonal blooms to work with. A rich colour palette and lush foliage can help create a festive wedding floral display. Spray roses and anemones blended with berries, eucalyptus or dried floral elements would create a luxurious base for any winter floral arrangement. Utilising additional decors such as ribbons, bows and festive berries curate an enchanting winter wedding. Services from Moyses Stevens such as large-scale installations and church styling would also portray this extravagant festive theme. To find out how they can help you, get in contact with them directly and start exploring these incredible wedding themes.


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