Second Most Costly Misconception About Creating Success - By: Joey Poltor

There is only ONE way to become successful... There is only ONE way to make a million dollars and you are looking for that magical answer. You may know this, heck, you may have been referred to as this guy. The fact is that a common misconception about success is that there is some mysterious secret that someone has and they are not telling you. Well, I am going to give you the answer to the all powerful amazing earth shattering blow your mind secret. Are you ready? Are you really really ready? O. K. Here it comes... Wait for it, wait, wait...

The Secret is in the Psychology my friend. Constant betterment of yourself will inevitably lead to success in whatever field you are looking for. Let's look at it from a real perspective.

Donald Trump went Bankrupt three times that we know of and is once again a world leader in entrepreneurship. How did that happen? Well the Donald, knows something that very few people know. In fact, all of the 99% (remember that short lived rebellion) doesn't understand the things about success that are needed to create a long lasting legacy of success. That is why you and they are the 99%. You have a huge benefit over them though, you are reading this article.

So now you know that Donald Trump went Bankrupt three times, you know that constant betterment of yourself leads to inevitable success and let me let you in on the last part of this formula.

The last part of the problem is Certainty in yourself. Not just belief, belief will get you so far but being certain that you can do something will change your life. What are you certain of right now? If I asked you to tie your shoes, would you be certain that you could accomplish that? Ok, hold on to that feeling. That feeling of instantly knowing that it will happen if you want it to. That is the feeling of certainty that you have to attack life with. That is the feeling that you can not be taken out of if you want to achieve something.

So you say, but that is unrealistic, right? No, you say that is unrealistic and that's why you are reading this blog and watching me on TV, change your mindset and you will change your life. Be certain of your abilities. Potential is endless in this modern era of technology and worldwide opportunity. If you want to create a business, create it, that's it my friend. There is nothing else to it.

People constantly make this mistake though. I guess I got off a bit on a tangent though, the costly misconception is that there is only one way to become a success. That's wrong, most of the products on the market from every infomercial or internet ad you will read will work if you put in the effort of constant betterment to make it work. There are millions of ways to make money and be a success, there are only a few ways to train your mind to realize that you can do it.

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