Japanese are some of the healthiest and longest living people on the planet. Out of all the countries, Japan is rated number one when it comes to life expectancy. The average Japanese lives about 86 years. Japan is home to the largest number of centenarians in the world. The Island of Okinawa has 50 centenarians per 100,000 people. The Elderly in Okinawa live an amazingly active and healthy lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to see people past their 80s working in the fields. These elderly have some of the lowest rates of cancer and cardiovascular diseases in the world. See how San Diego Home Care Assistance is helping seniors live a healthier and longer life.
In an effort to discover the secrets of longevity and health, researchers have conducted several studies on the lifestyle of Okinawa’s. What they have discovered might seem simple but it’s truly the recipe for health and longevity. Home Care Assistance has developed a home health care method that is based on the Okinawans lifestyle.
1. Genetics: Not every one of us is blessed with good genes. Researchers have discovered that Japanese who live longer and healthier had parents who also lived longer and healthier. Genetic is one factor that the Japanese seem to have an advantage with. Read more about San Diego Home Health care.

2. Positive Attitude: Countless studies on the negative effects of stress and worry have been conducted and almost every one show that people suffering from worry, stress and anxiety tend to have a low quality and less healthy life. On the other hand, people who have a positive attitude and look forward to aging with a positive mindset tends to live longer and healthier. The seniors in Okinawa live an energetic, social, and cheerful lifestyle. San Diego Home Care Assistance has one of the largest San Diego Caregivers Roster.

3. Physical Exercise: Japanese Elders are known for their active lifestyles. It’s very common to see the elderly beyond in the 80s and 90s participate in physical activities such as gate ball, martial arts and Japanese traditional dances. Japanese

4. Diet: Researchers have discovered that the most compelling factor that contributes toward the health and longevity of the Japanese seniors is the food they consume. Japanese seniors tend to eat a lot of fresh and green vegetables, seafood such as fish, soybeans and legumes; The diet consumed by the Japanese seniors consists of omega-3 oil, vitamins, and low calories. All of these are important for a healthy heart and strong immune system. Japanese seniors live very healthy well into their 80s and 90s due to this balanced and healthy diet.
In order to live a healthy and longer life, all of the above factors except Genetics and be adopted. The most important thing is to start early in life. Aging is a human phenomenon and no one can escape it. What one can do is to look forward to it with a positive attitude in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle well into old age.
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