Anyone who has read the Secrets of the millionaire minds by T Harv Eker is sure to turn into his fan because he has tried to give everything that will help you to be successful in your life. There are so many things needed to succeed in your career and become a millionaire such as financial resources, education, support, etc. But he says that above all these things what is most needed is to have the right mindset. If you have right mindset of a millionaire all the other things will be easy in your life. This is not scam as many of you might think, but really works if you have firm determination.

T Harv Eker is a hard worker and knows how to make money. Though he had enough technical knowledge and had some training too, he understood the secret of earning huge money only after lots of trial and error. This was possible for him only after changing his thoughts about money and financial dealings. You would have heard many people saying that the thing that is most needed to earn money to be in the right place at the right time. But what he says is this is not enough. Together with these things, you also need right mindset. This is what he calls as millionaire minds. After acquiring this mindset, money will automatically come to you.

Taking advantage of timing is very important. But together with this, what you need most is the correct mindset. You have to train your mind for that. After you are successful in getting the right mind, you will see lots of good things happening to you. What he further says is you will get that much of income according to the change in your mindset. To be put in simpler words, if your mind is that of a millionaire, you will be a millionaire. If it is that of a billionaire, you will be billionaire. He teaches you how to get that state of mine.

If you realize the truth behind earning huge money, then you will turn your focus away from seeking opportunities and keep your attention on your personality development and correcting your mindset. If you are always thinking about scarcity and poverty, then you will not be able to earn in any type of business. You may be doing great businesses and great opportunities may knock your door. Unless you change your thoughts and feelings about money, you will never be able to get good results. You cannot expect orange from apple tree. Similarly you cannot change the amount of money you earn unless you change the way of thinking.

There are some little exercises that he gives in his book. He asks you to take a pen and paper and write all those matters that you have learned about money. If you do so, many of you will be surprised to find that you have lots and lots of negative taught about money taught by your parents, friends and teachers. These beliefs are carried on through the generations and acts against you.

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T Harv Eker in his millionaire mind states that unless you get out of the wrong ideas about money you will not be able to earn cash.