Sometimes forgetting can be a small issue like not remembering your associate’s birthday. But after that it might be your anniversary or where you left your car keys. We all suffer moments when we forget things.

We don’t all have natural incredible memories. But we can learn techniques that can help us to remember much more than we think we are capable of. Below are a few ways you can use to help improve your memory.

Healthy eating can help you to remember better. Getting the proper protein, vitamins and minerals will keep your body and mind healthier than if you did not eat properly. Also, foods such as fish have been called “brain” foods.

Learn how you remember best. If you wrote a list of things to do, does saying the list out loud cause you to remember better. Try it and see. Just hearing the list may very well help you in storing the information inside your brain.

Try improving your association ability. We want to make it easier for our brain to memorize things and the best way to do this is by associating words or things you want to remember with things that you already know. So when the two are connected, all you need to do is remember what you know already and the other thing will be remembered as well. Want to remember where you left your keys. When you get home and you place your keys on the kitchen table, immediately associate the kitchen table with your keys. Imagine throwing your keys on the table and the table explodes because your keys were a bomb.

Associating and visualizing in your mind words or objects together form the basics of all memory improvement techniques. You can turn numbers into words as well and turn the words into pictures. So practice associating any two items together and then try a list of 5 items. Associate the first to the second and the second to the third until you have them all memorized like a movie in your head.

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