Which is course is best for me, our Test Automation course in Python or our Test Automation course in Java? Also, for what reason do we run the course in two unique dialects?
The first and most import point to state is: it doesn't make a difference which language you mechanize in.

The application you need to test can be written in Java, Python, CSharp, Assembly, Scala or some other figuring language you can consider. A robotization system written in Python will mechanize your manual tests and a mechanization structure written in Java will computerize your manual tests similarly too. With regards to robotizing the GUI, the basic system has no effect.

Which course to pick relies upon your circumstance?

Obviously, on the off chance that you wish to end up selenium training in Bangalore a mechanization master, you likely need to accept both as the systems are altogether different. Each fit distinctive conditions, as you'll see beneath and here and there it basically boils down to individual inclination.

Have attempted to separate the upsides and downsides of each with the expectation that this settles on your choice less demanding. On the off chance that it's made it increasingly confused, but sad.

Python is perfect:


Mechanize your reality not simply your tests. It's difficult to make the move to turning into a specialized analyzer without knowing Python. In the event that there's one language you have to know to computerize EVERYTHING, at that point this is the one to pick. You can robotize turning up situations, you can utilize it to filter ports and perform security tests, for CI it's important. Python will turn into a companion you return to and once more.

Short and basic:

It ridiculously simple to utilize and peruse contrasted with Java's intricate linguistic structure. Also: it's commonly acknowledged that for each ten lines of code in Java you just need one line in Python.

Everybody's as of now thoroughly took care of you. Such huge numbers of other individuals use Python for the definite reason you do, so you can for the most part expect that some's now composed the code you need and you can just import it.

Learning and backing:

There's a tremendous measure of learning and bolster materials out there on the Web. Individuals by and large concur that the help manuals are less demanding to comprehend than for some other language.


IDE torment:

Python is intended to be straightforward, adaptable and scripted from the translator, so it doesn't play too with IDEs as Java does. It's so basic and flexible that it's inconceivable for an IDE to comprehend what you're doing when you begin making articles and passing them around between strategies. This can be baffling in the event that you would like to utilize an IDE to make your structure.

Office support:

Now and then it's smarter to have nearby help. On the off chance that nobody else in your office has Python information, there's nobody to bob inquiries off when you stall out.

Java is Just Right:


IDE paradise:

Java is a delight to code in IDEs, for example, IntelliJ. The IDE does the majority of the work for you, notwithstanding taking the vast majority of the agony of the convoluted sentence structure. The code fruition highlights mean you can get a tremendous measure of work done while it feels like you've just composed two or three characters.


Page Factory in Java streamlines your Selenium mechanization code and enables you to compose effectively reasonable tests.

In-house support:

Most analyzers work with Java designers. On the off chance that you ever stall out, there's somebody two or three work areas away who can fly over and give you hand. selenium courses in Bangalore -This aides gigantically with the expectation to absorb information and furthermore gives you the advantage of their experience and learning. Before you know it, you'll be an expert.



It's not in any manner simple to peruse Java contrasted with the plain English of Python. There's likewise a lofty expectation to absorb information and the documentation isn't generally that valuable.

Invalid Pointer torment:

At the point when Java tosses a blunder and stack follow at you it's not generally the least demanding to comprehend or the most valuable. IntelliJ enables where it to can, yet befuddling mistake messages can make it disappointing to troubleshoot.

Restricted to Test Automation:

You'll never utilize Java in some other territories of your testing. Not in CI, Performance, Security, Availability or anyplace else. You're stuck computerizing the GUI of your application and that is it.

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