Everyone wants to become more confident but for some reason most people waste their efforts in incorrect directions and as a result they never manage to increase their self confidence levels.
The main difference between those who manage to build self confidence and those who waste their time trying stuff that will never work is the incorrect understanding of how self confidence is built.
In this post I will tell you about 5 powerful tips that can help you become really confident and I will also explain why each method works.
Here is how to become really confident

1) Self confidence is all about the beliefs you have about yourself: Self confidence Is nothing more than a set of positive beliefs you have about yourself, your skills and your abilities. Most people waste their time trying to learn how to think positively about themselves without realizing that the root cause for their negative thinking is their negative beliefs. Once you get rid of your limiting beliefs you will become much more confident.
2) Self confidence and learning: no one is born confident and before you can trust your abilities you need to try them first. Each new skill that you learn adds to your self confidence and makes you feel more in control. If you lack self confidence in a certain area of your life then know that you just need to develop the life skills that are related to this specific area. For example if you can’t approach strangers then you just need to improve your communication and conversation skills.
3) Self confidence and life problems: your ability to face the life challenges you face affects your overall self confidence levels in a great way. If you escape from your problems or if you always procrastinate then your self confidence will be lowered a great deal. Once you start facing life problems bravely your self confidence levels will shoot up.
4) Self confidence and incorrect perception: many people lack self confidence not because they don’t do the right things but because they do the wrong things. Perception problems or interpreting situations in a negative way even though you don’t have enough clues is among the fastest way to lose your self confidence. When it comes to interpreting events forget about your intuition because all the conclusions you make about these situations will be biased to serve your own negative beliefs.
5) Self confidence and your way of thinking: both confident and non confident people have strengths and weaknesses but the different between both groups is that the first group focuses on their strengths while the others focus on their weaknesses. For example a confident person might focus on the face features he likes about his face while a person who lacks confidence and who looks almost the same as the first person might focus on his nose because he doesn’t like its looks. Both people look the same yet one of them feels confident about his looks while the other doesn’t, it all happens because they focus on different areas and think differently.

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