I knew I had to address one of the most important issues on our minds---Finances! Most of us have core beliefs around money and our core beliefs create our lives. Try putting a twenty dollar bill in a location where you will see it several times a day. Pay attention to your initial response every time you see it. I discovered that my initial response was not positive. In the beginning my relationship with it was more like a battle. If you think of money as an entity, that entity wants to be loved, not battled. So I worked for a long time transforming my initial response to love. I placed it next to my heart and felt, truly felt, love for it. There is so much good I can do with it! (Since the heart sends more messages throughout the body than the brain, it is important to get the heart involved in any changes you want to experience.) With persistence I was able to change my learned response to one of appreciation. Developing a better relationship with it is the first step in attracting more of it. All these subtle energies are reflected in our energy field and picked up by the universal laws which create our lives.
The law of attraction tells us that we attract into our lives exactly what we focus our thoughts on. Some of these thoughts may be our conscious everyday thoughts. Others are the subconscious thoughts that we learned as we grew up and observed the world around us. It seems like our subconscious can be our best friend, and our worst enemy. All that it does, it does to protect us; however, it often gets stuck on something that we thought we had healed from completely. Ask yourself what your parent’s attitude toward money was like. Was it love and appreciation, or frustration, bitterness, and resentment? (Your initial response to the exercise in the previous paragraph will give you a good clue.)
Many of us were taught that rich people were greedy and didn’t care about anyone else. The truth is that money makes it possible for rich people to help the poor in many ways, and they usually do! Some of us have been taught that we have to be poor to be close to God. Actually, financial freedom frees up our time so we can spend it on our spiritual growth. It is hard to see our spirit when we have to see above a pile of bills. Perhaps we took a vow of poverty as a result of all our teachings, either as a child or in past lives. All of this is affecting our abundance today.
Many energy centers or chakras also affect our abundance. There are at least 144,000 energy centers, or vortices, in the body. These are generally referred to as acupuncture points. We are going to address only the centers that are along the main axis of the body.
The root center is located at the very bottom of the torso in front of the spine and opens downward. It is our survival center and connects us with the physical world. It relates to our sense of security and our relationship with our ‘tribe’ or family. When we do not feel secure, or when we feel disconnected from our ‘tribe’, this center’s energy is depleted. This lack of a sense of security repels money. A healthy root chakra brings us physical health, a dynamic presence, security, and financial abundance. When this center is out of balance we struggle with our weight, have bowel problems, low back pain, arthritis, poor health, and we have a strong need to satisfy our own desires with a focus on material possessions.
The sacral energy center is around the naval. This is where sexuality and creativity originate. When we energize this center our creative energy flows. When I realized this and began energizing this chakra, wonderful ideas started to flow, including some very unique ways to make money. When this area is in balance we feel deeply, have a fulfilling sex life, and flow gracefully with change. When this area is out of balance we have bladder, uterine, prostate, and kidney difficulties.
The next energy center is our solar plexus, just below the breastbone. This center is where our personality is formed. It is also the storehouse for masculine energy. Masculine energy is important energy in making money. It has to do with fortitude and feeling powerful, powerful enough to achieve success in our current money making ventures. When this energy center is in balance we are effective, spontaneous and have a non-dominating power. When it is out of balance we have a strong need to dominate and control, and we have liver, stomach, and pancreas disorders.
The next energy center is the heart. This is the center of love, compassion, and contentment. It is also the storehouse for feminine energy. When this center is in balance we forgive easily, love unconditionally, and we have a good relationship with money because of all the good we can do with it. When this center is out of balance we lack sincerity, have high blood pressure, and struggle to accept love given by others, and money is a foe.
The next energy center is the high heart, located half way between the heart energy center and the throat. This is the center of loving who we are and our presence in the world. When this center is in balance we have compassion, acceptance and forgiveness for ourselves. When this center is in balance we have an inner peace and money is a gift we freely attract into our lives- as a personal gift to ourselves. When this center is out of balance we have forgotten who we really are.
The next energy center is the throat. The purpose of this energy center is obvious. We use it to communicate our ideas to the rest of the world, including our ideas about making money. When this energy center is in balance we communicate freely and with confidence and wisdom. When this energy center is out of balance we have frequent colds, a stiff neck, hearing difficulties, and thyroid disorders.
The next energy center is the third eye, located between the eyebrows just above the bridge of the nose. This is the center of intuition, insight, imagination, and peacefulness. When this center is in balance we have peace of mind. When we bring our soul to the forefront it is easier to discover our purpose. Due to the universal laws, prosperity is the natural result of discovering our purpose. When this center is out of balance we have nightmares, insomnia, eye problems, and we only see the obvious superficial meaning. Finding the deeper meaning is equivalent to finding our soul.
The next energy center is the crown. This is our direct connection to the universe and the divine. When it is in balance we freely pick up on the information traveling along the unified field of consciousness. We have knowledge and wisdom. When this center is out of balance we are suicidal, depressed, confused, alienated, and unsatisfied.
First we have to identify the energy center(s) that need additional support. Some of the ways we can do this include muscle testing, intuition, going into these energy centers and feeling the vivacity of each one, or recognizing the symptoms of distress. Once we have identified them we can work toward strengthening them.
Meditation, essential oils, and gems have all been used to successfully amplify energy centers, as well as addressing the core beliefs. The best habit I developed to address my core beliefs, energy centers, and stuck patterns is to record my affirmations onto a voice recorder, and install them into a netbook so they could repeat all night long. Often I discovered my dreams included these powerful affirmations.
Dr. Darren Weissman gives us his Infinite Love and Gratitude technique. Place your hand in the American Sign Language symbol for love by spreading out your fingers, and then folding down the ring finger and the middle finger. Circle this symbol over the energy center that needs strengthened while repeating silently or out loud “Infinite Love and Gratitude.
Another way is to make this same symbol with both hands. Then, put both thumbs together, and put both pointer fingers together . While holding your hands flat this creates a diamond. Place this diamond over the energy center that needs empowerment. This one doesn’t require movement so is an easy one to do as you are falling asleep at night.

Author's Bio: 

Chris is a Certified Natural Therapist and certified with the National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work and an ordained minister and has been working in the health industry for nearly 20 years. Using her years of experience she just published her book on self healing techniques gathering all the best information that people need to hear to make a positive change in their health and wellness.