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Panic attacks are sudden uncontrollable rushes of physical symptoms such as breathing difficulties or hyperventilation, heart palpitations, chest pain or constriction of the chest, trembling, increased heart rate, dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, and inability to concentrate or think clearly. This is usually triggered by thoughts associated with feelings of dread, fear, or discomfort. In other words, the person is easily overcome by the feeling of panic and becomes helpless against it.

Aside from anxiety and feeling a lot of tension, panic attacks are usually accompanied by phobic avoidance or the need to avoid certain environments or situations associated with something that caused panic attacks in the past.

The usual treatment or solution to panic attacks is behavior modification treatment programs that are usually done to help you come to terms with the source of your panic. You can seek such programs by going to a therapist.

However, if you prefer self help forms of treatment, here are some of the effective remedies for your panic attacks.

1. Research on the subject. Try to learn as much as you can about panic and anxiety so you know what you are up against.

When you experience a panic attack, you become afraid that you don’t know what’s going on with you. You also worry about yourself and your life in general because the panic can cloud your thinking. This can cause a lot of fear that is responsible for much of the panic you experience.

By knowing more about your condition, you will be able to evaluate yourself properly in times of distress and anxiety and you will also keep from making your own situation worse.

2. Avoid bad habits. According to professionals, bad habits such as smoking and drinking too much caffeine can make a person more susceptible to panic attacks because alcohol and caffeine also have the tendency to affect your physical and emotional state.

3. Do breathing exercises. When you feel the onset of a panic attack, which usually begins with dizziness or a tightening of the chest, do deep breathing exercises immediately. These can help relieve feelings of panic and make you feel calmer.

4. Control your thinking. Understanding the relationship between panic attacks and the way you think will let you in on one of the most effective treatment options for your problem. Clear, calm, and positive thinking is the ultimate cure for panic. The ability to think rationally and with a clear outlook and judgment can help save you from many panic episodes.

If you feel yourself beginning to panic, instead of recognizing the feeling as panic, you can easily turn the situation around by focusing on other positive thoughts.

To fill your mind with positive thoughts, try watching subliminal videos or listening to subliminal albums. These are videos or songs that have positive messages hidden in them in a form not comprehensible to the conscious mind but easily recognizable by the subconscious. These messages are so powerful that they can train the mind to think positively when faced with any situation.

5. Persevere in your self help efforts. If you want your self help for panic attack to work, you should persevere in your efforts. Watch subliminal videos and listen to albums regularly. Make breathing exercises a part of your morning regimen. Live a healthy lifestyle free from alcohol and caffeine. Persist in your own recovery because this can give you the freedom you need to reach for success in life.

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