What peanut butter is to jelly, what bee is to honey, what macaroni is to cheese—you get the point—is the same as what an editor is to a writer. Like a ring, the perfect fit for the finger.

Self-publishing a book might seem like taking a leap into an unknown void, especially if it’s your first time. But the satisfaction of having full control over your hard work sits well with many writers. To get in the driver’s seat and lead the creation and the choices of selection in producing the exact masterpiece you imagined is what a lot of writers prefer.

On the other hand, that’s where the complexity kicks in. Where and how to find the right set of people that would play a collective role to help you in self-publishing a book.

Whether it’s searching for the perfect editor or looking for the ideal ghostwriter for hire, don’t panic and buckle up because this blog helps you with just that.

In this blog, we will:

  • Discuss where and how to find a ghostwriter for hire.
  • Answer how to find the perfect editor easily.
  • Explain Book publishing companies. Why opt for Self-publishing?

Where and How to Find a Ghostwriter for Hire?

Have you ever thought about how successful business people, celebrities, and presidents find the time to write their success stories or the autobiographies we read? Obviously, they don’t. Then that begs the question: why are they named the author of a book they didn’t write?

Simple: they employ the services of a ghostwriter!

A Ghostwriter is someone who writes for people but does not take credit for their work. To the world, they are invisible—hence earning them the title “ghosts.” Though, not the spooky kind—or hopefully the one that disappears and leaves you hanging… yikes!

There are many ghostwriters behind some of the best-sellers out there.

The same goes for a lot of musicians and their hit singles. These writers are the unsung heroes in disguise, bringing to life any creative idea, book, song, you name it. But they just don’t take the credit for it.

So, how do you find a ghostwriter?

It’s important to remember that the right fit is very important when choosing a ghostwriter for hire. You need someone who understands you. Someone who can hear your voice, understand you and finds a way to work for you.
That is the merit of a good ghost.

Although there is no playbook that shares a way to find a ghostwriter who will objectively be the right choice—because there is no such thing—one can do their due and try to find the best resource for the job.

To make it easier for you, we have listed down some of the ways you can find one.

As easy as it gets, search!

There are many platforms, such as social media and search engines, where you can find individuals offering ghostwriting services. This is one way of building a list of potential applicants.

However, it does have its cons.

The process of sifting through individuals can get hefty, and you would have to be very lucky to find the perfect fit immediately. The process can be overwhelming and can cause authors to make irrational decisions of picking a ghostwriter for hire just for the sake of it.

This, however, usually leads to money, time, and patience being wasted.

Publishing companies

With self-publishing on the rise, many businesses have opened up with the objective of offering services to indie authors. They are a great way of finding all writing, editing, and publishing-related services under one roof.

What’s more, is that they are cheaper than the alternatives.
If you end up deciding to take up your work with an agency, choose a certified agent with a proven track record.

Reputation and experience go hand in hand when selecting the perfect fit. So make sure you do your research. As we said, always ask for a sample of their work and analyze it accordingly.

The Hiring Process

Now that you’ve made up your mind about the service you desire, the next step is to understand the hiring process. What are the checkboxes that have to be ticked? Are you asking all the relevant questions?

Hiring a ghostwriter is not easy, but if you put in the time and effort into finding the right writer, it will not only seem easy but also be worth it.

Step 1) Be clear-cut with your demands

Set up the demands of your project and the goals you want to meet. Whether it’s wanting to inspire readers or end up on the best-sellers list, your objective should be crystal clear to both the writer and you.

Step 2) Assess the reputation and experience of the short-listed ghostwriters

Ensure that ghostwriters for hire have an experience that matches the plan and its value with yours. If you need someone to write a copy for a website or brochure, you probably don't need someone with 10 years of experience. Similarly, if you’re looking to publish a book and want someone to meet your level of expertise, then make sure the writer has written books—at least two—before and has relevant experience.

Step 3) Review the details

This involves communication and collaboration between the author and the ghostwriter—the degree of each depends on the needs of the creator and the process of the ghostwriter.

Each ghostwriter has their comfort zone of working. Some may analyze your project and disappear, working on it for months and returning with the completed piece, while others may take it one chapter at a time and keep reviewing it with you consistently.

What’s important is to understand the ghostwriter’s process and make sure it fits your work style. Always be quick to give feedback and revise the draft if needed. Make the ghostwriter understand your tone and style before the process of writing begins.

This way, you will not be disappointed!

How to Find the Right Editor?

Once your book is complete, it requires further polishing to give you your desired masterpiece.

That’s where the editors come in!

Whether you self-publish a book, work through a book publishing company, or hire a freelance book editor, finding the right editor for your book doesn't have to be a complicated process or cost you a fortune.

Finding a qualified and affordable editor will lead to better books and content, remove barriers to publication, and provide more value for your readers.

This process may seem like another obstacle until you follow our step-by-step guidelines on hiring the ideal editor.

Step 1) Identify and select the service you need
This is the primary decision needed to be made before the process of beginning the hunt for the editor.

Step 2) Experience and Reputation

I cannot stress this enough! Always dig deep into the editors that make the cut in your list of potential candidates.

If you're considering hiring a freelance writer, ask about their years of experience. Also, ask if they have ever worked in a book publishing company, which would be a good experience for them.

Discover their stories, references, and previous jobs. If they have been involved in editing any best-seller, that’s a green flag for you!

Step 3) Establish a budget range

Publishing a book is an iterative process. It can take several cycles for a book to be considered print-ready and publish-ready.

If you have a limited budget, then opting for a book publishing company would be the ideal decision as they provide fixed prices and deadlines along with complete packages, including different editing services and publishing costs.

Step 4) Read samples and survey recommendations

Request a sample to check compatibility with the editor. You can send 5-10 pages of your manuscript and see what reviews they offer. This will help you get a glimpse of the quality of service they will provide and make selecting the perfect editor easier.

Traditional Book Publishing Companies or Self–Publishing Companies?

The issue that comes with this question answer could be a little complicated as there are many factors to consider, and the answer is not always crystal clear.

While both parties offer almost the same services, what makes authors pick self-publishing a book over traditional book publishing companies?

The answer is pretty simple.

Complete creative control of the book as well as its marketing—and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Getting to work with traditional publishing companies can be difficult, especially if you’re an emerging writer and have no name in the market yet.

Anyone who wants to write a book should opt for self-publishing a book as it offers many perks while providing the same services that one would receive from a traditional book publishing company. These include:

  • Having full ownership of all the royalties and rights
  • Complete creative control over your work
  • Complete freedom in making every choice
  • Generates greater personal profit in terms of royalties
  • Reaches the market faster than a book publishing company

Parting thoughts

The bottom line is that there are many places on the internet where you can find ghostwriters, editors, and publishers to work with your content. But once you have understood the basics of your project and the nuts and bolts it needs to transform into one beautiful piece, the process of selecting the perfect ghostwriter and editor and opting for the best publishing company makes the process a walk in the park.

Happy hunting, writers!

Author's Bio: 

James Carter, the author of Boomerang, Liar’s Poker, The New New Thing, Moneyball, The Blind Side, Panic, Home Game and The Big Short, among other works, lives in Berkeley, California