SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process or we can say that a way to increase web-site (web-pages) traffic. It is very long and unique process but, provides good result. If you are thinking to create and publish a web-site then, it is also important for you to learn SEO in order to increase that web-site visiting. If you are owner of a web-site and your web-site visiting is very low then, all you need is learn SEO tricks in order to increase traffic to get success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the fine art of driving web traffic to web sites. Some web sites depend on general traffic as these businesses need hundreds of thousands or millions of hits per day to prosper and thrive. Other web businesses are looking for high-quality, targeting traffic. This traffic is essentially like a pre-qualified sales prospect: already interested and able to buy your product.

SEO is long but, easy process to do. SEO is generally divided into two parts-

1. On-page Optimization
2. Off-page Optimization

In On-page process, you need is to take care of SEO Keywords, content and html tags.

SEO Keywords
SEO Keywords really plays an important role in SEO as they focused to specific area. So it is most important to choose unique keyword phrases that are going to bring traffic as consisting of customers. In order to choose unique keywords- there is also a method (process) to choose wisely. If you don’t want to go in depth of keywords then, you could try Google Adwords keywords tool in order to choose unique highly ranked keywords.

Off-page process is hard work to do but, easy. In Off-Page Process, all you need is to submit your web-site (URL, Content) to other web-sites as to create back links. Much back links caused your web-site traffic could be high. In order to submit your web-site to other web-sites as to submit your web-site at diverse directories, article submission sites, various search engines, diverse press releases submission sites etc. Not only these, you also need is to use search engine tools in order to drive traffic. Some more submission process also plays an important role in SEO to get success.

SEO based Article (Content)
When you are thinking to make an article for your web-site then, you must need to follow rules of SEO. For better results we should follow most important rules as-

1. Our article should be original.
2. Our article should have good keywords.
3. Our article should be creative.

So finally, if you follow S.E.O. regularly then, you could get fine result. I hope you like…


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