Creating a nice lawn is one thing but maintaining an attractive and healthy one is another business altogether; this is especially true when you don’t have any lawn management training. Professional lawn care specialists will have spent a number of years learning the business of managing lawns. The truth is that they actually attend continuous educational programs so as to stay up to date with the trending lawn management techniques. They have the training and experience in creating high quality lawns since they have knowledge about different types of soil, irrigation, lawn heights, fertilizers as well as insect and weed control.

If you are a homeowner chances are that you want a high quality lawn but you may not have the time required to learn the art of lawn care; your best available option is hiring a lawn management professional. These experts provide services that allow you to enjoy the fruits of a healthy and well maintained lawn. Choosing the lawn management specialist of repute can be a hard task if you don’t know what to look for. Lawn management specialists offer different services that include pest control, fertilizing and mowing. Some of the services that you may get interested in are:

Partial lawn care: This service involves the provision by a company of services to only a certain level. An example is pest control companies that provide fertilizer application and pest control but without services such as mowing or edging. You can ask about specialties because there are those companies that don’t use toxic methods. You may also be uncomfortable with the application of pesticides; you want to avoid pest control firms that apply fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers and insecticides, there are companies that will help you with mowing and edging services only.

Total lawn care: companies offering this type of lawn management go beyond simply mowing the lawn to perform other services such as cultivation and irrigation as well as offering diagnosis for pest related problems and the application of the required pesticides. Such companies have trained employees who are learned in pest identification and the healthy use of pesticides.

Total landscape management: This type of lawn care service includes not only common services such as mowing, scheduled irrigation and edging but also other aspects such as thatching, top dressing and aerating. They will also be able to diagnose pest problems and treat them on all your shrubs, trees and the turf. This company will also take up the responsibility of pruning as and when the need arises. These companies do an all-round job by developing and implementing a custom made fertility program for all your plants based on soil tests that they carry within you yard. Such lawn management companies have certified arborists in their teams.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis who is a home improvement professional and has worked with a few home improvement companies over the years. Mathis Outdoors Inc. are the experts when it comes to lawn service and turf application treatments. The company started by Cory Mathis in 2004 today has over 400 residential and commercial clients and delivers ideal landscape management solutions in Newnan, GA.