In Ireland, the justice system does not move fast. When you have a personal injury claim in Dublin, Ireland, it can take months to settle. In some cases, it can drag on for years. Personal injury claims can be very complex and may require a lot of attention and care to reach a settlement successfully.

There are cases where you can assume a personal injury claim is straightforward, and liability is easy to determine. However, it can also stretch for a long time. While we cannot give a timeline for this kind of claim, it is important to embrace the fact that each case has its uniqueness. That is why it is wise to find a qualified compensation claim solicitor to handle the case for you.

Claims submitted to the PIAB

PIAB stands for personal injuries assessment board and most personal injury cases in Dublin are submitted here. This is an independent body set to assess compensation claims. It has been in operation since 2004 and has assessed many cases over the years. The most common cases processed are public liability, accidents at work, and road traffic accident cases.

A personal injury lawyer in Dublin can assist you in this area. They help you determine whether the board is the best way to go. In many cases, cases can take about seven to nine months. They can then give recommendations about the compensation to give. Once compensation has been agreed upon, the parties have 28 days to accept or reject that amount.

In case that amount is not accessed, you have to go through the courts to complete the claim. This can take one to two years.

Cases not handled by PIAB

Personal injury cases can be handled by the board. However, this does not cover cases regarding medical negligence. This is because such cases can be very complex, and the injuries are not always easy. Such cases can take a long time to settle. It can take up to 5 years in some cases.

Personal injury lawyers in Dublin can offer guidance on the process to undertake. When you give details regarding injuries, the solicitors in Dublin should be in a position to give more accurate details based on your case in particular.

Accident claim evaluation

Sometimes you get hurt in an accident, and you are not at fault, you can get a settlement or compensation as granted by the injuries board, or you can go through the courts to get it. However, you need to know the worth of your claim. Criminal legal aid solicitors get a lot of questions in very many compensation cases.

It is not always easy to determine the value of a claim or how much to expect at the end of it. However, an estimator can be used to make that determination. Also important to note is that the best personal injury lawyers in Dublin / Best Road Traffic Accident Solicitors have experience in this area and are, therefore, best suited to give you an estimate. This can also be based on past cases.

The book of quantum

Compensation claim solicitors use the book of quantum to estimate claims. In this book, there is general information that relates to the kind of compensation that can be awarded for claims. This is what is used at the injuries board. The book was developed by utilizing information gathered from more than 50,000 cases that were completed on personal injury.

With such data, a solicitor can determine whether or not the compensation offered is reasonable and sufficient.

Getting the best representation

There are some solicitors who handle specific cases. Divorce solicitors specialize in divorce cases. For personal injuries, you should find a lawyer who is well conversant with the laws at hand and with adequate experience in this area. It is the only way to make sure you get your fair compensation.

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