A job is much than a way to make a living. The best way to understand what jobs are the most rewarding financially and otherwise is to explore different options. Below are seven jobs that will provide a hefty income while giving you that unique feeling that you've made a real impact on the world.

1. Neurosurgeon
Neurosurgery is one of the professions that requires a steady hand to affect the lives of patients around the world. As a neurosurgeon, you're responsible for diagnosing and repairing problems. Your hand may be the one that helps a small child lead a normal life or excises cancerous lesions from a patient's brain. An added benefit to this job is that it pays more than just the bills. The average annual income for neurosurgeons in the United States is around $400,000.

2. Dermatologist
Very few jobs simultaneously deal with both a patient's health and his or her self-image. Dermatologists do this by treating problems that persist upon the outside of a patient's body that could affect both the patient's physical and emotional well-being. Very few jobs pay as well as a dermatologist while really giving a feeling that you have changed someone's life.

3. Networking Specialist
One of the most crucial things in the age of the Internet of Things is networking. Devices do everything from making our lives more convenient and connected to ensuring that we can receive better healthcare while conducting safer financial transactions. A networking specialist may be responsible for ensuring that a large business stays operable or ensuring that a part of the Internet's backbone continues to transfer terabytes of data each day.

4. Obstetrician/Gynecologist
OB/GYNs are unique in that they specialize in treating both a woman's health and ensuring that the life they may bring into this world stays as healthy as possible. The average pay for this job is around $200,000 in the United States, but the satisfaction OB/GYNs derive from their job is immeasurable.

5. International Lawyer
While you may be familiar with the domesticate opportunities for lawyers, one of the most rewarding opportunities for lawyers are abroad. International lawyers can specialize in one subject, such as taxes for foreign companies, or they can specialize in ensuring that the rights of workers are protected around the world. This gives them the influence to help workers and companies to protect themselves or to open new opportunities. A master's degree in law will allow you to succeed in this career.

6. Chief Executive Officer
CEOs have the unique duty of representing a large number of people and the interest of countless investors. They are the people that make or break business deals or grow a company's consumer following by making the right decisions. The average pay for a CEO is about $155,000 in the United States, but that value is only an average. People with the right drive to seize opportunities can earn more while helping countless hard-working people find jobs or enjoy new products and services.

7. Pharmacist
The role of a pharmacist is unique in this list. Not only do they ensure that people have access to the right amount of medicine to treat their ailments, but they also ensure that those medications are safe. They are the last line of defense for ensuring that medicines do not interact badly or harm the person consuming them. The average pay for a pharmacist in the United States is $110,000. While nowhere near as high of a pay as a neurosurgeon, the job of a pharmacist can be just as satisfying at the end of the day.

The one thing to take away from this list is that there are an abundant amount of satisfying jobs that pay exceedingly well. Finding the job that fills your wallet while making a big impact on people is just a matter of trial and error paired with a drive to excel.

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Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about family, health, home and lifestyle. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.