The leading business intelligence solution providers cater to their clients’ requirements with better planning and analysis options along with increased accuracy. These companies help their customers with increased sales forecasting and enhanced pricing and offers.

One such dominant company making a mark owing to its dedicated efforts is SG Analytics. Established in 2007, it is a leading provider of data-centric research and contextual analytics services.

In the following interview, we get to know the company’s journey, its services, its challenges, achievements, and its future plans.

Below are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a top business magazines:

Rajesh Viswanath is the Global Lead for Analytics at SGA. As analytics continues to evolve, SGA’s mission remains to provide its clients state-of-the-art scalable solutions that simplify the way they meet their business obligations without burdening their operational flexibility. As part of his journey with the clients, he and his team worked closely with them for successfully implementing BI solutions and generating business value.

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