How many people who have learned Reiki just focus on your positive side and ignore your negative side? Shadow Self is your dark side, negative aspects within a person. This is one area that you can not ignore and needs to be faced. Everyone has a dark side. The best way to find out exactly how you are is to meditate and really see without ignoring what you don’t like or want to pretend your not.

Finding your true self you need to go through all of this seeing your good side and your bad side. What you need to remember is that your ego has so much fear that it holds you back. Then you do stupid things to get back at people or become self destructive. The shadow self is a learning experience. Years ago I used to do my homework after school outside. College ended around 9:30pm. I felt free and never realized why. Then one day sitting outside in the backyard I went into this trance and I had seen me. I really looked at my shadow self. I didn’t realize how bad I truly was. I was vindictive, I always hurt people who hurt me. I was someone who didn’t feel anything at times and didn’t care about other people’s feelings. The worst part is I didn’t care what people thought of me but when I looked at myself I did. I can hurt people if I wanted to and not feel bad.

I realized I was a monster. Then I looked at the good parts of myself and I cared about people and helped in subtle ways, I was always listening to people and letting them blame me when they needed to blame someone for their mistakes. I wanted to help people. I wanted to do more for people. There is more. So my good outweighed the bad in me but what happened was I accepted the monster in me and an amazing thing happened. I changed into my true self.

At some point I had gotten lost again back to my old ways and finally am back. What I also realized is that fear is the number one negative aspect of someone it is all those bad things and more. FEAR!!! I had mentioned that I had gotten rid of it when I took that job in PA to heal. It did go away. The only thing I realize now is I fear for my dog. She is like my child and I am trying to break free of that. When I get to a point where I am connected there is no fear at all.

The only problem I have at the moment is people trying to hold me back from achieving what I am supposed to be doing. That will happen in life when you have many negative influences in your life. I had gotten rid of 2 but I have family and that is the hard part. I have asked myself WHY WHY WHY did I pick them? Then I realized we are all in the same soul circle. Once you grow you start meeting new people and new friends who are positive. I am starting a new soul circle for my next life.

I had past lives with the same people over and over till I finally decided I was ready to move on. Believe me I had seen some of my past lives and I was evil. In some of them I was pure evil. I was able to face it and fix my Karma in this lifetime with the past.

I will talk about soul circles in a different article.

Many people need to know that you need to work and except your shadow self in order to heal. Once you accept it the light starts to clear up your shadow self. When you feel like getting back at someone stop yourself. Remember Karma. Then it becomes easier to walk away from the people that you need to. I have a workshop I started last year to work on your shadow self. I will be selling a CD with the meditation to help you with healing your shadow self. It’s time for you to move forward and start a new soul circle for your next lifetime.

It’s time to get rid of that fear and live in peace so you may have a smooth life ahead for the beginning of the new earth.

Author's Bio: 

Jeanette Costa has a Doctorate in Metaphysics, she is a Reiki & Karuna Master Teacher,Spiritual Healer, an Animal Nutritionist and Herbal Practitioner.

Jeanette's teaching is how to use energy that is all around you to heal yourself and others and how to learn to sense and be part of everything around you. By using the energy around you, you would be able to know when someone does not speak their truth by the vibration of the words they speak.

She guides you with techniques to use to grow and helps you understand how to follow your spiritual path in life. For a peaceful and happy life.