Websites, Communities, enhanced search, content management and organizational insights; It is hard t believe that you have come across all these terms while developing a single project; unless of course, you are using SharePoint.  Microsoft SharePoint application development makes it possible to construct an all in one solution for an individual or business.

SharePoint being a major platform, this article intends to simplify the concept and explain the advantages of SharePoint development, SharePoint developers and especially for two important types of users: corporate and individual. While it is impossible to wrap up a broad concept into limited words, we will look at some of the most useful things that SharePoint applications and document collaboration offer.

SharePoint is majorly an enterprise solution provider. To describe it briefly, I would say SharePoint is the easiest and convenient platform for collaboration and document management. It is a web-oriented platform that includes editable web parts to achieve quick customization and development of an application that works exclusively for you.

The Broad Concept

As mentioned earlier SharePoint is a wide-ranging concept serving a broad range of users. Be it a small business or large one, SharePoint serves all with its capability to develop for Intranet, Extranet and Internet Sites. It also works well when enterprises require content and document management.  

For Corporate, SharePoint application development is a way to centralize the cluttered corporate operations. It logically links processes while absorbing tacit knowledge for effective centralized process management. SharePoint is secure and allows integrating third-party into supply-chain and business processes.

For umpteen users, SharePoint proves to remain an effective community platform. It can easily manage large public websites with its “Publishing” feature. On turning this feature on, SharePoint runs the pre-written code enabling the “Publishing” feature on the site collection. The “Publishing” functionality helps create multilingual sites. It also enables users to create blogs, online shops, audio-video playing sites and more.

SharePoint for Real-Time Online Documentation

Office applications, such as Word, Excel and Outlook, form an integral part of corporate solutions. Eliminating the MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) methodology for integrating office applications, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 seamlessly integrates with all Office applications, which help to individuals and teams communicate effectively and work with efficiency. Teams can stay in touch and work on shared content.

SharePoint supports live co-authoring. That means users do not have to wait for their turns in order to access the documents and other Office applications in a collaborated fashion. SharePoint also shows the names and details of the authors who have access to the documents.

SharePoint’s core functionalities lie in its Web Parts as discussed above. Web Parts are the scalable elements that encourage modular design for any application. These parts are extensible and customizable and cater to unique requirements of an individual or organization.

SharePoint is now available in the form of cloud service with Microsoft as a step towards independency and ubiquitous accessibility. With so much under a single platform, SharePoint consulting and application development service has a long way to go.

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