When the Lord Jesus came to earth as a little baby angels announced His arrival with song and the promise of peace and goodwill toward men. Jesus has provided peace between God and man, but until His second Advent, He has charged us with being agents of peace and goodwill between man and man. So, it is fitting to celebrate the Advent season by engaging in deeds which promote kindness and compassion toward our fellow man.

The Spirit is always creative in leading individuals into the good works planned for them before the foundation of the world, but it sometimes happens that we spur one another on to those works. So here is a suggestion list - choose one or let these ideas springboard you on to something else.

1. Link Hands with Local Ministry
God has so arranged His people and His universe that there is deep joy and satisfaction gained when we join hands with others to serve or meet a common need. Look around and find a local ministry that could use your help this season. The Salvation Army, the local food bank, or ministries which care for new immigrants settling in your town could all use an extra hand during Advent. You will be blessed by joining hands to help.

2. Create Your Own Group Outreach
Established ministries could always use some extra help, but you could also get something going with people in your own church. Get a group of fellow church members who would be willing to go caroling in local nursing homes. Visit an online religious store and order bulk Christmas cards to be handed out at the nursing home or placed in bags of groceries you deliver to families in need or the homeless.

3. Take on a Leadership Role
Another way to enter into the joy of giving and experience the satisfaction of shared service is to take on a leadership role in a local ministry. Show Christ how grateful you are for His gift by giving yourself in His name.

4. Give Financially
It is one thing to give out of your abundance, but can you give in a way that you will actually feel? King David refused to give the Lord a gift that did not cost him. Would you be willing to give something up in order to make a costly contribution to peace and goodwill? Charities like Samaritan's Purse are meeting needs around the world in the Name of Christ. This Christmas, consider making a true sacrifice in order to help meet the needs of others.

5. Provide Spiritual Refreshment
People are spiritual beings, so their spiritual needs are real. Think about giving some spiritual refreshment to others this Advent. You might sponsor a struggling couple so they can attend a marriage weekend seminar. Provide a ticket for a young person with faith questions to attend a national religious conference. Give a family a gift certificate for an online religious store. Companies like The Printery House offer online religious store where each family member can find a gift to support their faith.

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