Introduction to Dental Implants

The world of dentistry is ever changing. As new technologies, products and procedures keep evolving, the field of dentistry advances along with them. Dental implants are one such advance. Dental implants are a great solution for those people who are suffering from severe tooth decay that results in the loss of teeth. Tooth loss doesn't have to mean sacrificing your smile! Now you can feel confident enough to flash your smile at everyone you meet!

Essentially, dental implants are a permanent prosthetic device that replaces a missing tooth and its roots. Unlike dentures, implants are stationary and are not removed. Implants are very strong - close in strength, in fact, to regular teeth. Because of their permanence and durability, dental implants are a good solution for those who are missing teeth. And because they are made to match your own natural teeth, dental implants look very natural and are virtually undetectable. No one will know that your implant is not a real tooth!

Dental implants are very comfortable to wear. This is a major plus for implant wearers, because the alternative, dentures, can be a little more difficult to get used to. Because the implant lives rights in the tooth socket just like a regular tooth does, it feels very natural and comfortable to wear. And because dental implants are so strong and durable, they act just like regular teeth. That means you can feel confident in eating normally. There is no need ot stay away from certain foods for fear that they will harm your implants.

One of the biggest disadvantages of wearing dentures is that there is always the fear that they will fall out. With dental implants, that fear is eliminated! Because the teeth are, as the name implys, implanted directly into the gums, they will not come out during normal use. Moreover, dental implant wearers will not suffer the tendency toward slurred speech that can plague denture wearers as a result of slipping of the dentures. Implants stay where they are put and therefore do not negatively affect the wearer's speech. In fact, because missing teeth can cause unclear speech, by having dental implants installed you can actually improve your speech greatly.

Dental implants are a good solution to missing teeth on just about anyone. The only caveat is that one has to be in good overall health before the surgery can be performed. A dentist can do an easy evaluation to determine whether one is suited for the oral surgery needed to place the dental implants.

In conclusion, dental implants are a safe, convenient and permanent way to improve your smile. More than that, however, dental implants improve the bite and the function of the teeth in a comfortable way that won't leave you worried about whether they will fall out. If you are considering getting dental implants and wondering whether you are a good candidate, consult your dentist. They will determine whether implants are a good option for you and whether you are a good candidate for the surgery.

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