Signs That My Husband Is No Longer Interested In Me: Signs Your Husband Hates You

Nothing has happened to change your mind about your husband - you still treasure his company and love him like before. Yet you have a nagging doubt that your husband does not love you anymore, or at least his love for you has weakened. They say a woman is naturally intuitive and chances are that you are perhaps right. Unless you take some proactive steps to reverse the situation, such things can have a snowballing effect and soon you would find that your marriage is heading towards an irrecoverable disaster. The wisest thing to do if you strongly feel that your husband does not love you anymore is to take the situation head on, without any delay.

But how can you know for sure that your husband does not love you anymore? Look out for these early signals:

• Your husband is too busy with other priorities in his life and has little time for you. If you find this 'change' in his behavior, you can smell rat. You surely have reasons to think that your husband does not love you anymore.

• He gives repeated excuses which make him spend more time away from you and home. He is either too busy with his work, even when at home, he is glued to the TV, does not participate in any household work, or makes it a point to catch up with his buddies when he gets some free time. This lack of interest to spend time with you is one of the confirmed signs that your husband does not love you anymore or at least he wants a break from your company.

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• Another early sign that shows that your husband does not love you anymore is when he shows no interest in you or your life. In fact, he hates spending time with the family. When other priorities like work or his hobbies take him away from you far too often, this can be taken as a signal that your husband does not love you anymore.

• When your husband does not love you anymore, he would also try to escape family get-togethers like anniversary or birthday celebrations. He is likely to become non-communicative with you as well as the rest of the family. He is essentially looking for an escape route from the bindings of a marriage. Perhaps the bondage is weighing too heavily on him. Who knows he could have found someone more attractive?

Whatever signs you see in your husband that points towards the fact that perhaps your husband does not love you anymore it is not wise to immediately jump into wrong conclusions. It is a better option to communicate with him immediately about your concerns and then chalk out your plan of action regarding how to save your marriage and make him love you once more.

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Many of us are unaware of a simple fact - begging your spouse for forgiveness will not work in preventing divorce. In fact, it will make things worse. I think a lot of you can relate when I say that when I thought my marriage was ending, all I could think of was to plead with my spouse for forgiveness, and beg them to love me again. This is now how to repair a marriage. In fact, it makes your spouse even more fed up with everything. Nobody wants a pathetic person as their spouse - and moreover, the more you beg, the more you are giving the message "I am yours, I am easily within your reach. Whatever you do, I will be here for you. You can take me for granted." And this has a negative effect due to a very simple psychological law - one that eludes most people.

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You want what you can't have.

So, if you want to make your spouse love you again - which you should, for this is the strongest step in how to repair a marriage - you have to use this to your advantage, not to your disadvantage. Doing this requires a careful plan, so construct one. The most important points in your plan should be things like;

- Show your spouse you are an independent person.
- Don't be in the face of your spouse all day.
- Go out with your friends. Come home late.
- Pick up a hobby.

This plan helped enormously with my marriage problems. The fact remains - if your spouse falls in love with you again, a lot of your marriage problems will be solved by themselves. I hope you can understand the power of psychology in repairing your marriage problems.

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How to save your marriage - You feel as if your marriage is ending, but you don't know how to save it. This article will point out a few reasons for marital problems, and will give you a few tips on how to deal with them, and fix them.

All marriages, at one point or another, have problems. Some are small, others are big. The bigger problems may include affairs, money, drugs and / or alcohol abuse, and fertility problems.

When your marriage is in trouble, you have to find out WHY. Talk to your spouse, and find out what they think is wrong. You may find that what they think is different than what you think.

If you can't talk to your spouse, then try to see it from their perspective. Make a list of what may be wrong in your marriage. Only by finding out what the problems are, will you be able to start fixing them.

There are many different ways to solve problems. You have to work at it, and probably try a few different things to find something that works in your relationship.

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All stable marriages have two important factors - trust and communication. When you learn how to effectively communicate with your spouse, you will find peace within your marriage, and happiness. This may not be easy, but is the best way to save your marriage, and make it last a lifetime. As your communication skills get better, your marital bond strengthens, and you will be able to work through life's biggest problems together - without worrying about divorce.

When problems arise, remember the good times in your marriage. This will help you to fight the negative feelings, which will lead to resentment and anger, making it almost impossible to find solutions to the problems.

Your marriage is not doomed! You CAN save it, when you are willing to put some effort into it. It won't be easy, but nothing in life that is worth having IS easy.

When you are faced with this situation, you need help. There are special books available online that are called ebooks. These are books that you can buy, and download immediately onto your computer, and start reading them.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Marriage is not that you won't get angry or upset. It means standing firm for your partner even while being upset. It means not leaving your partner even when things are tough.

It simply is not talking back at your spouse in the heat of his or her anger. Marriage is gazing into the angry eyes or teary eyes of your spouse and still see love.

Marriage is "no-invitation" to third party to come amongst you. Marriage is a divine partnership, an eternal friendship, a trust worthy venture; simply put, it is a love-bond!

This is a union that requires good understanding of each other; the divine knowledge from the Inventor and Originator of marriage delivers special favours and flavour to the union.

It is an eternal institution that has only one access - entrance only, no exit. It takes two mad people to fight and marriage is made up of two sane people who love each other dearly so there is no space for fighting in marriage.

Divine favour and flavour accompanies the couple in marriage but the day one of them begins to manhandle and rough-handle the other, the favour and flavour will evaporate.

Partners in marriage should be and see each other as great values and none should try to devalue the other.

Marriage should be a divine covering for the people involved no wonder it is the only institution used by God to describe Christ's relationship with the church.

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Marriage is a legal contract where interpersonal relationship, intimacy and sexual activities are acknowledged and considered lawful.

In many settings, marriage is legalized by a wedding ceremony; marriage delivers boldness, thoughtfulness, stability, intelligence, co-operation and friendship.

Your spouse must be your best-friend and confidante before your marriage will work out successfully.

Truly, marriage is a relationship, a union of importance and strong attachment. It is friendship of great value and it is for matured minds not overgrown babies.

In conclusion, marriage is a completeness of each other hence the word "better-half" used to refer to one's spouse. Marriage is good, beautiful and honourable. Make a decision to enjoy yours; it is your birthright and your responsibility!

You made up your mind in marriage to abandon all other choices and settle for one another so apply the principle of leaving and cleaving.

Remember one only enjoys what he or she prepares well for and marriage is meant to be enjoyed not to be endured.

When you absorb the principle of leaving and cleaving, every friction will end and your home will be filled, with laughter, peace and more love!

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