Automated garage door openers add to modern convenience. There is no doubt in it. Indeed, with a mere touch of a button of the device, you will be able to open or close even the largest garage doors rather seamlessly, umpteen number of times, and would expect that the door would work flawlessly. 

However, these devices do for a toss and when that happens, the convenience that these devices are supposed to provide will go up in smoke. Thus when that happens, you need to need to replace or repair the gadget at the earliest. 

Here on this page, we discuss some signs that say your automatic gate opener is malfunctioning and it’s time to either replace or repair the automatic gate opener at your property. 

Mechanical Meltdowns

This is one of the most common signs that say your automatic gate opening device either needs an overhaul or has to be replaced. There are a number of mechanical signs that suggest your device has suffered mechanical meltdowns. They include suspicious sounds of moving parts inside and delayed response of the gate when you give the command.

Vibrating Sound 

This is another very common sign that says your automatic gate opening device needs repair and maintenance. Vibration might appear to be a harmless phenomenon at the beginning, but when your device gets old, it might very well be the sign of worn-out armatures or shafts or both. Besides vibration, you might even find that the opener is shaking and getting loose from the respective mounting points of the structure. If not addressed, it might turn out to be a fatal issue and the vibrating opener will eventually break free from the mounting wall, and drop off in the ground. 

Opening or closing and them reversing

If you find your garage door is opening and then closing and again reversing, that means the security sensor at the bottom of the garage door frame has gone for a toss. When that happens, you need to see if the sensors are aligned correctly, and if needed, you need to repair or replace the device. 

Unnatural noises

The conventional chain drive openers clank whenever they operate. They are noisy by nature. They come up with bicycle-like chains that are not manufactured to keep the noise low. However, if and when you hear unnatural noises that have nothing to do with its operations, that means some issues have to be fixed. 

More so, if you have a relatively new automatic garage door opener, and if it’s still noisy, then indeed you need to have it replaced or repaired. 

Unresponsive and Intermittent opening

If your garage door is not opening instantaneously, whenever you are pressing the wall-mounted buttons of the remote control, it is a red flag. Check the batteries and see if they have run out of juice. If not, you need to summon techies.

So you see, these are some of the most obvious signs and symptoms, which will surely tell you all is not well with the automatic garage door or gate opener of your property.

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a company that repairs amongst other things, automatic garage door or gate openers. The author is also an avid blogger