Whole world is based on web, everyone needs their own web space to present their views, enjoy, be social, and so on. Portal is a form of constructed and well-designed web space on the Internet. There are various types of portals available on internet for individuals or organizations. Let's be introduced to some types of portals and how can they be useful.

Types of Portals

Some types of portals are as follows:

* Vertical: These are the portals developed for a specified purpose or to focus on one specified industry. For e.g. Insurance sites that mainly focuses on insurance-related information and mp3.com that focuses on mp3 songs download.
* Corporate: This portal provides specific information meant for the netizens related to the company.
* Commerce: This is used for commercial use like: business to customer or business to business, etc.
* Intranet: This is used for internal information of some company or network. For e.g. providing training, email communication within the specified company, and so on.
* Knowledge: Knowledge portals are used for pasting and retrieving knowledge-based information that helps viewers in one or specific roles. For e.g. Articles, a knowledge map, discoveries, news letters, etc.
* Social networking: This is developed for every netizen for social interaction, making friends, sharing information, playing games, and so on. This kind of portal is for entertainment, advertising, marketing, etc.
* Dating: With the development of almost every kind of portal, why dating be left behind? Dating portals help you find the person of your own interest and ask him/her for a date.

These portals are developed by expert enterprise portal developers across the world. It is important to find an expert who understands you requirement for best results in portal development.

Scope for Portal Development

Web portals deliver information from diverse sources in a very unified way. With the rapid growth in people doing online transactions, there has been recorded growth in enterprise portal development company in India, too. Having knowledge transferred in every area across the globe via internet, there is still a wide scope for enterprise portal developers.

The major business area for enterprise Portal developers, India is through building several business or corporate portals. India being a developing country, it has a rapidly growing economy. Growth of business is through publicity of right products, at the right time, to the right audience. This can only be done by developing several applications that help the rapid transfer of such information and should reach masses in no time.

Latest and Simplest trick to Business Growth

As discussed above, business growth is by serving right knowledge to right kind of people. Current business growth does not need house-to-house publicity but media that does this task for you. Internet, to be specific, is a media that can help you reach to the top. It's so simple, just get a business portal/website developed for yourself, enter the information and specialization about your product, get the help of an SEO to bring your website to the top in the search engines, and if you are confident about your products being powerful, business automatically comes to you. Another role you need to tae care of is marketing and salesmanship. With internet, even this task has been made easy; social networking portals are the best medium to find people interested in your product and for your products marketing to large number of people at once. It is easier to even place an attractive advertisement about your products in the cheap cost.

Portals are the effective and cheap medium for business expansion and to bring forward your business, not just in your country but across the globe. Be a part of a global business chains get a customized portal developed for your business today!

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