Singapore is perhaps the most favorite destination for a holiday. Its the most preferred choice for people of India as well. Over the years, Singapore has also emerged as the most popular place for higher education. Are you planning a trip to Singapore, then you will need to convert the Singapore dollar to INR.

Now, you have many options to convert Singapore currency to INR like banks and moneychangers. But you don't get the flexible rate on exchange from these options.

Banks and moneychangers both charge you extra on exchange and more if it an emergency. The best way to exchange is through online forex sites.

The exchange process
Singapore dollar to INR on BookMyForex offers you the best deals on exchange. The forex rates that are listed on the site are updated every three seconds. You'll be able to lock in a rate for up to three days by paying an upfront charge of 2%.

The site also offers a rate alert feature on exchange. If your desired rate matches the rate on the site, you'll receive an email notification from the site. Locking a transaction on your desired rate will help you save money as well.

You can use SGD to INR converter to know about your amount of exchange. The process is simple and transparent.
The added advantages offers an easy process for conversion. Just add the amount and use the online converter. The online payment option makes it quick and the exchange currency is home delivered to you in no time.

The site also offers Singapore dollar prepaid Forex card and traveler's cheque. A forex card is a preloaded card with the currency of a particular place. You can load Singapore currency in the card and use it for purchases you make on your trip.

A traveler's cheque is also issued in the currency of that place. You can also use an online money transfer to make any emergency remittance to Singapore.

Online forex sites offer you the best exchange deals on Singapore dollars to INR.

In this digital age, you don't need to visit banks for exchange, as offers easy delivery to 650+ locations across India. You just need to visit the site and choose from your location to get your money exchanged.

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