Has it been years since you have been in a committed relationship?

If you answered yes to this question, you are probably feeling pretty discouraged.

You may even be wondering if love is just not in the cards for you.

Maybe you even feel like just giving up.

You have spent the last several years of your life attending weddings solo, spending holidays as the extra “one” with family and friends. You have gotten pretty good at being on your own.

But you can’t help wondering, is this all there is?

Perhaps you have tried dating and been out with a few people, but no one special. No one you could fall in love with you. And you do not want to settle.

I have worked with many women just like you and yes there is hope.

Here is Lauren’s story about how she found True Love and went from single and discouraged to in love and engaged in just six months.

“I had been through a lot of relationship grief, and was feeling forlorn. I had a lot of negative beliefs and expectations about finding my life partner, and a fear of not finding the right one. I was skeptical about dating in general.

Soon my dating relationship progressed rapidly into the full-blown relationship of my dreams! My partner and I went from friendship to casual dating to a committed relationship to a marriage proposal within 6 months! Now I am truly happy and fulfilled! Lauren

Here is what Lauren did and what you can do to move from a dating drought to happily in love.

She Got Clear on What She Wanted. Lauren used to think she did not care about being married, she just wanted to “be in love”. What she did not realize is that commitment is the structure that supports true love. Once she realized this, she was able to transform her casual dating relationship into a loving and fulfilling committed relationship for both of them.

She Didn’t Settle for Less. Once she realized that she valued commitment, she refused to settle for casual affairs. Even if it meant letting go of a man she thought she was in love with.

She Joined a Community. Lauren considered herself a shy person and did not really enjoy meeting new people. Instead of staying isolated in her normal routine, she joined a group of like-minded people. She began to socialize regularly with them and participate in events. Can you guess where she met her now fiancée?

She Let Go of Doubt and Negativity. As you heard, she was skeptical about dating. In fact she was downright resistant to it. She did not want to date, she wanted to be in an instant relationship. What she did not realize is that dating is a necessary step to build the foundation for a relationship. Now she looks back on the time she and her fiancée dated as one of the best times of her life.
So can this really be you?

It is amazing how just making a few small tweaks and your life can change almost overnight. Yes, it does happen THAT FAST!

So join a community, sign up for volunteer work, find your faith again! In 6 months you too can be a success story.

Much Love and Happy Dating.

Author's Bio: 

If you are single and worried that you’ll never find true love or you are losing faith that your special person is ever coming... Pamela Vandervoort will help you find true and lasting love.

Pamela received her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from the University of San Diego.  Pamela can be found conducting workshops throughout California and is the owner of two successful Companies the “Art of Living Consciously” and “My Dating Support.com”.

For the last 5 years Pamela has been helping women get over the dating hump, stop wasting time, and find lasting love.