“Six Little Words”
by Abraham Rose

I recently heard a quote that went something like this: “First be silent. Then listen. Next learn. And finally, share with others what you’ve learned.” For more than twenty-five years I have been on a Spiritual journey. I have been silent. I have listened. I have learned. And now I’m ready to share my wisdom with others. On my journey within, I’ve discovered many spiritual principles that fill me with joy and peace, making my life so much better. I am certain that your life too will be richer when you apply some of my suggestions to your life.
In this article I will share with you a very practical but powerful little prayer which I found in my “Book of Runes.” It is a prayer for the spiritual journey. This prayer has many practical uses such as finding a lost earring, deciding what to wear, or making an impromptu speech. I’ve shared these words with many others over the years with amazing results. It’s just six little words. And three of them are the same word, “will.” “I will to will Thy Will.” When I first found this prayer I was going through a difficult time in my life. I latched onto these words because for me they had much more power than any prayers I had previously learned. To give you an idea of how these six little words can work in your life, I’ll tell you about three of the people I shared my prayer with. They were a janitor, a business manager and a pianist.
Once, late in the evening, a janitor was showing me a fourth floor apartment with an outside stairway. As we stood on the porch, the key suddenly flew from his hand over the railing. As he gasped, we heard the key hit the ground. I silently prayed my prayer as we climbed down the stairs. When we got down, I simply reached down, and, in the darkness, my hand touched the key. He was amazed. I told him my little prayer. He said he was going to use it for himself.
Another time, when I was meeting with a business manager, he seemed very distracted. Finally he blurted out, “I have to make a speech in front of the big boss, and I’m scared to death.” So I told him about my little prayer. ”While preparing your talk, and again before speaking, simply say “I will to will Thy Will.” He immediately wrote down those six little words, while repeating “I will to will Thy will. I will to will Thy Will. I’m gonna try that!”
A week later I returned for another meeting, and he was all smiles. The “big boss” came into the office and told me that the manager had made such a spectacular presentation that he was being promoted.
During my stay in Jerusalem, I visited the King David hotel, where they had a piano bar. A young Israeli pianist was playing show tunes. When he stopped to take a break, I asked if I could play. I played a piece by Chopin. He told me that he had studied the same piece, but he didn’t think he was good enough to play it. Of course I told him that before playing, I say, “I will to will Thy Will.” “Hmmm. Let me try that,” he said. “I will to will Thy Will.” “I will to will Thy Will.” Immediately his fingers began flying over the keys, playing Chopin and other classics he had previously felt inadequate to play. He was thrilled with his newfound power.
Might you need a little more power in some area of your life? I offer you this little prayer. If you wish, you can say it out loud right now. “I will to will Thy Will.” Say it once more. “I will to will Thy Will.” Now try saying these six little words the next time you would like to find a more powerful way no matter what you are doing, and see what happens! Be blessed!

Author's Bio: 

Abraham Rose, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, Author, Poet, and Pianist is a woman of faith whose life miraculously demonstrates the spiritual principles she shares with her readers and listeners. Her inspirational words have power to transform lives. Just a few words from Abraham Rose have been known to turn lives around and put people on a higher path.
Her life is a testament to the power of Divine Love. She has overcome many trials and tribulations, enabling her to help others by providing hope and encouragement not only from theory, but from real life experience.